Wednesday, November 20, 2013

People Never Think

For safety (who's safety are we talking about?) And you know what, there are more accidents now a days than before when we don't have all these codes and regulations in place.

When I ride a bike (motorcycle) without a helmet and crashed, can I blame and sue the code enforcer because they did not enforce the code on me enough? How about when I died wearing a helmet, can my family sue the code enforcer then and put him/her in jail?

It's my life, stay out of it. If someone crashed to me and I died or put me in bed for the rest of my life and that someone ran, then the codes applied. However, if it's my fault then I am responsible. Then again if it's an accident, that's another story.

In short, I do not need a baby sitter. I can take care of myself and I am responsible for my own action. 

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