Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TSA = Terrorists Subjugating Americans

(Not mine, I do not own this, copy and paste from a comment)

The TSA is offensive to everything America ever stood for. There is no liberty, no justice, no accountability, no responsibility. The only thing they offer is the forced equality of a despotic tyranny, where all must submit without question, without choice, and under grave penalty to the supreme authority of the State. It's just vile. 

All this, on top of the pure ineffectiveness of TSA at serving their stated mission. Who caught the shoe bomber, the underwear bomber? NOT the TSA!  As many others have mentioned, the TSA is security theater, the false image of security where none is really offered. 

The main thing the TSA accomplishes is to demonstrate just how much abuse the government is allowed to get away with by the People. To think of the old principles - like innocent until proven guilty, that the government is supposed to have some kind of specific reason to justify a search or seizure, that personal property may not be seized by the government without first a legitimate reason and second fair compensation - and to realize that our government has thrown them out entirely, it's sad, it's deplorable, damnable, and despicable. 

Then you have the suckers who really think that the TSA serves our best interests, and not only willingly participate in the abuse, but deride others who have a stronger sense of our principles. In colonial times, they were called Tories or Royalists. Today, it is still fair to say they are not patriots.
Lest any say my words are idle, I do what am able under the circumstance: I boycott the TSA entirely. I will never participate in any such scam against justice or freedom, even if it is done by our own government. There will be no freedom in American until the TSA is abandoned. I fear there will be a good deal less freedom before the freedoms of my youth are ever restored. 

I am very glad that I am not the only one who thinks TSA is a bunch of  ......  taking away my freedom.