Friday, February 10, 2012


A few years back when DH and I thought our country was going downhill fast; we had an idea to send me away to escape whatever it was coming. Of course where else I rather go but my birth country. He will be moving into his parents extra house, and send support to our children and I.

I have heard my parents and siblings on how expensive everything there nowadays. Using a public transportation and owning your own vehicle will cost the same. However, the latter is more convenience because you don't need to share the ride with anyone. The waiting period is also eliminated.

Well, that's what happened when I opened my mouth for suggestion. I told my husband that I wanted to look for Car Transport Quotes to bring our mini-van with the children and I. Oh boy, it was a mistake. I never heard the end of it. He said that we probably needed to sell the van to pay for us going back and taking it with me was a big no. Instead of explaining myself, I dropped the whole conversation and said, "is it really worth being separated?" Maybe I should have said, "is it really worth the argument?"

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