Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DH Quit...(again)

Nope, I am not talking about his job or his family, but the things that we stand for. He gets into this mental state that everyone we knew are working against us. I cannot blame him to think that way. Many people that have a mindset like ours get into these states every time we feel that we are alone trying to be free in this country.

The very first time we saw one person giving speeches in Canada, we started looking up rentals in Edmonton area. We had so many questions to ask him. However, there is one thing that kept us for doing it. We did a lot of research and study what he had mention in his videos. Just like he said, "we the citizen, need to be firm and shows who are at the bottom of the food chain."

Yes, there are consequences but if you play your card the correct way, you will be able to live free in this country. The consequences are the main reason we are not doing anything that can hurt the member of our family. We have four bright children to protect from those issues.

Friday, February 10, 2012


A few years back when DH and I thought our country was going downhill fast; we had an idea to send me away to escape whatever it was coming. Of course where else I rather go but my birth country. He will be moving into his parents extra house, and send support to our children and I.

I have heard my parents and siblings on how expensive everything there nowadays. Using a public transportation and owning your own vehicle will cost the same. However, the latter is more convenience because you don't need to share the ride with anyone. The waiting period is also eliminated.

Well, that's what happened when I opened my mouth for suggestion. I told my husband that I wanted to look for Car Transport Quotes to bring our mini-van with the children and I. Oh boy, it was a mistake. I never heard the end of it. He said that we probably needed to sell the van to pay for us going back and taking it with me was a big no. Instead of explaining myself, I dropped the whole conversation and said, "is it really worth being separated?" Maybe I should have said, "is it really worth the argument?"

New House

Guest post written by Sidney Owens

I think it’s great that we have this nice new house but I do miss living in NYC. I mean, I know technically we still do but to me Brooklyn isn’t the same as living in Manhattan, you know what I mean? It’s just a short cab ride away but at the end of the day I miss the hustle and bustle of the city that you just can’t get here. Most nights I turn on our satellite tv Brooklyn and watch reruns of Sex and the City to feel kindred to my old apartment – I guess when you get married you have to make compromises but I had no idea moving to Brooklyn was going to be one of the compromises I was going to have to make! I think I would have thought twice about the whole thing if so. I’m kidding, but I do really miss the city and hope that after our kids are born and grown I can convince my husband to move back over there…

Monday, February 6, 2012

People Has Too Much Time

People Has Too Much Time noticing other faults, spelling, grammars, EC WIDGETS, from others. Did they ever try searching what the reason why. NO, they complain right away when anything does not suit them.

GEEZZZ, people get a life. You do not pay me anything to display your EC widget in my blog. If I don't like your avatar, well guess what, go find someone else that will take it. You don't like where I place my widget, well, don't buy an ad. Plain and simple. Extra large does not fits all. And we do not live in a perfect world either. LIFE IS UNFAIR, deal with it.