Thursday, October 27, 2011

Translation Agency in London

I find it very interesting to learn new words or language everyday. Even one phrase I find it very engaging. I can write fine in other languages. However, pronouncing what I wrote is another story. Even a language school in your own country will not be the same. I think when you have a native of that country, that is when you hear the correct way to say it. I find that most business person can speak different languages because they needed it. They can even hire translation services when their company is willing to pay for it.

This is only one of my hobbies. I wish I can afford to access these languages. I tend to forget my native tongue once in a while. It takes time for me to remember the translation and having a copy would be nice. I will teach my children my own language if I can get a copy, but I know it's impossible. My children knew a few words, and I wish they will be able to have a conversation with my parents and relatives. There will be no language barrier for us, and both sides will not feel awkward being around each other when we get together.

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