Monday, October 3, 2011

It is Entertaining

Everything on television nowadays looks very entertaining to me but not in a good way. We have not had cable TV in a long time and watching something while visiting other peoples houses I can't just sit and enjoy. I have to say anything against the commercial or the shows. Some shows are tolerable. in my opinion, and one of that is the show Scrub, where you can see actors and actresses wearing scrubs set for the whole show.

Not to mention the hidden agendas in all of TV shows they put out there for people to watch. Furthermore, don't get me started with all the amusement park around the country. A very clever idea to call it "amuse"ment is beyond a lot of people in this world. They don't have any idea that they are getting played obtusely and forget what is really important. Not me, I am wide awake and there is not turning back. I pretty much what they are up to.

Anyhow, do you think the show Scrub bought their wardrobe at Hmm, what you think?

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