Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cold is Here

Yes, this morning was the very first morning that I woke up and felt the cold air inside the house. It means it got really cold outside last night. I really don't mind it. However, this means our electric bill will sky rocketed again. The best part of this cold weather is the rentals in Calgary will be cheaper than the summer months. I have never been there, well I have never been to many places.

When we had two children, we planned on going to Nunavut, but we found out, we can't drive there in winter. And we are pretty sure ferries are limited because of the frozen water. When someone told us that there is no way we can drive, we dropped the idea. Maybe we can stick to rentals in Calgary instead.

I bet it is much warmer there in the winter than Nunavut. Furthermore, we can easily drive there. It will take about a week, nonetheless, we can take our vehicle there. Do they offer weekly rentals in Calgary? Well, there is the only way to find out. Click the link and find out.

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