Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake Out of Nowhere

Yup, everyone will believe what the mass media said about the earthquake yesterday, August 23, 2011 around two in the afternoon. So they say that it was scale at 5.6 in Virginia. And it was felt all the way to Boston and North Carolina.

The mass media may have said it lower than the real thing. However, I don't have a Richter scale to prove it. Did they say that it was cause with something? Of course they will say that, they do it every ten years or less.

HAARP is loosened up the New Madrid Fault Line to vanish the east part of Mississippi river (any state that are in the east). They oiled up the same fault line during the oil spilled on Gulf of Mexico, and yesterday they tried shaking it with an earthquake. I know, nothing can be done about it, because they say it is mother nature causing it or maybe they are saying it was because the planet or the USA is over populated. Only idiot will fall for those reasons including the global warming.

DH friend was a little shaken by the earthquake because DH told him not too long ago about the government plans on putting the east coast under water. Hopefully that is enough evidence to awaken him. Just like the Island own by French. Earthquake happened but no volcano present in the whole island but shaken it, how convenient. The same with Chile.

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