Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake Out of Nowhere

Yup, everyone will believe what the mass media said about the earthquake yesterday, August 23, 2011 around two in the afternoon. So they say that it was scale at 5.6 in Virginia. And it was felt all the way to Boston and North Carolina.

The mass media may have said it lower than the real thing. However, I don't have a Richter scale to prove it. Did they say that it was cause with something? Of course they will say that, they do it every ten years or less.

HAARP is loosened up the New Madrid Fault Line to vanish the east part of Mississippi river (any state that are in the east). They oiled up the same fault line during the oil spilled on Gulf of Mexico, and yesterday they tried shaking it with an earthquake. I know, nothing can be done about it, because they say it is mother nature causing it or maybe they are saying it was because the planet or the USA is over populated. Only idiot will fall for those reasons including the global warming.

DH friend was a little shaken by the earthquake because DH told him not too long ago about the government plans on putting the east coast under water. Hopefully that is enough evidence to awaken him. Just like the Island own by French. Earthquake happened but no volcano present in the whole island but shaken it, how convenient. The same with Chile.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Every ACT or RULES and REGULATIONS are named after them. NO, it's not a good thing. PATRIOT ACT is not to protect those who are patriotic and speak the truth about the people running the government, BUT put out/passed by the senate to terminate those who are trying to bring down the people who works for the government and up to no good.

Same thing with the second amendment. What they call it, goes against it. The COURT system of this country (Unites States) does not work for those who are innocence and weak. They work for the corporations, banker, and powerful people behind each politician. GUN CONTROL equals CONTROLLING THE USE OF GUNS OF THOSE WHO ARE PATRIOTIC.

I feel so bad to JulyPatriot being drag by the government and court system because he speaks the truth and he wanted a lot of people to realize that our government put in their place to silence those who knew too much about their business.

But first to see what I am talking about is to stop the television. Then research the other side of the story. When you hear a news, ask yourself why. If they told you to look up, look down because by not following what they are saying you will find the truth.

The helicopter in Afghanistan that crash or shot down by insurgent with one man who supposed have capture Bin Laden (who are dead a few years before they capture him) is in that same helicopter and died. Very convenient in my opinion. He was put there to be killed. WHY? In my opinion he knew too much and spoke to someone about it. His conscience got the better of him and lying was not his thing and they killed him. What else is new.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Wish We Can Afford It

Yes, don't we all wish things. I am talking about homes in Hawaii. Well, I will take any home somewhere in the tropics. I grew up in the tropics, and I always wanted to go back and enjoy the hot weather and beaches. Money is has always been the problem. Not to mention the airport TSA's. We should be able to travel freely, and they call this country FREE. I think it only existed in the perfect world, and we are too far from it.

However, my husband is not fond of islands. He said we may have to buy an airplane or helicopter if we ever live on one. He feels trap because he loves to go places, and small land is not doable.

We stayed there for a whole day when we missed our flight to Southeast Asia in 2001. We rented a car and went around the island of Honolulu. It wasn't very big and there is only one highway. Not that I am fond of highways, I don't. I like traveling on a local road and do some sight seeing and mingle with the locals. I can be mistaken for local after a few days under the sun...:)) I do miss the weather and food.