Monday, July 25, 2011


Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays

So here’s the deal with all of this hot weather. I live in the South, and it hits almost 100 degrees every single day. I’m a Southern guy by nature, but it’s so hot down here in Alabama (I live a little outside of Birmingham) , that I feel like I’m the gingerbread man living inside of an oven that my grandma forgot to turn off. Seriously- even at night it’s still sweltering down here! All anyone wants to do is sit around and watch http://Direc.Tv. I mean- I’m actually a very active person, but it’s annoying when every time you want to go outside you start to sweat. Does anyone else just get supremely lazy during the summer months? I guess that’s why they call it “the lazy days of summer,” huh? Does anyone have any ways besides going to the pool that they can think of to stay cool? I’ve resorted to thinking that I might have to start taking week long vacations during June, July, and August just so that I can keep every part of my wardrobe from being ruined by sweat stains.

Music Monday

Dedicated to DH.

He feels like this most of time.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

They Are Back

I am talking about the company that filed a complaint about me. DH spoke to them, asking them why they did not show up in court and if they wanted to know more, we will see them in court.

They played dumb not knowing about the court date. They offered DH the documents but he said no. After he hung up the phone, I asked him why did you refused the documents. We needed it, when they file another complaint.

Then DH told me to call them back. There is no way I will call this bottom feeders up. I wrote them a letter asking for the documents tying me to their claims. We will see what happens, or maybe they will say they never gotten any mail, I did not register the letter.

DH told them to stop calling, but they bluntly answer "NO." From what I read on under US title 15, when a consumer tell them or wrote them a letter telling them to stop, that they should stop. So, right there that violation will cost them $1000. Plus, they spoke to my husband who is not named on the claim. That is another violation under US title 15, discussing my business with other people.

By the time this will make to court, the amount they are claiming will go down faster if they keep talking to DH. Two more violation their claim will be zero because that is the amount they wanted from me. Isn't it great.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Music Monday

Since I can't embed the original this is good enough. I like the background video on this one. It is perfect on what I am fighting about, instead of children not listening to their parents. This is people fighting for their rights as citizens of its own country. Unite and take down the problem.