Friday, June 24, 2011

Understanding Banking

I am not a lawyer, I am simply sharing my experience to those who are trying to be free in this world.

If you understand how the banking system works in this country, then you are ready to tell them, "I DON'T OWE YOU ANYTHING." If you understand that the bank never loaned you money, you are ready taking what is yours.

Make sure you know all the Rules of court procedure regarding your claim, e.g. mortgage, personal, car loans and credit cards. Start recording phone calls. Answers each and every phone call you receive and never agree with anything unless it is in writing and the opposite side gave you your original contract. Re-read your contract. Did the bank specifically said in the contract what they will do for your? If not, that contract is a fraud and will not withstand trial.

Paper trails is the best way to go. If you need to register any mail, do so. You can use paper trails as evidence later when the bank takes you to court. Always show up in court. Your absence is a sign that you are agreeing the claim (their claims) are correct. If you don't know anything or if you don't have enough time to study the rules of court in your state, hire a lawyer if you can afford one.

If you are willing to be free, I suggest you buy the book "Rules of Court" for your state. And start reading how to file and how to use evidence in court. The most expensive kind gives you the format on how to write your letters and how to send them. If you can get a copy of Black's Law Dictionary also, you are in great shape to go pro se.

Believe me when I say, even the banks does not follow this book and it is your job to tell them that they are not compliance when you get to it.

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