Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Response to Complaint

I dropped off the answer to the complaint I received on May 17,2011. I know that I have 5 days before the court date to give them answer, however, I don't want to pissed off the judge and take it on me during the proceedings.

Like the secretary told me, write a letter. Well, DH told me to just make a simple letter telling them that I intend to enter a defense. My first letter is very legal with bunch of notation on top. So, I made it simple with only one sentence telling them that.

I also sent a certified and register mail to the plaintiff's attorney (did you know the word "ATTORN" means to "TWIST," yup that exactly their job in this world) with return signature required. I asked them to provide me with any information tying me to their claim. Or I should have said," Produce all documents that would substantiate your claim." Yup, that was the proper or legal way to say it.

No, I am not practicing law, I'm not a lawyer nor I wanted to be one. What I write here is my experience and wanted other people to learn from it.

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