Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nine Days for the Hearing

Well, I am not really sure what it is I am going to. On June 23, 2011 is when I have to defend myself at my Magisterial court against a creditor.

The letter asking the plaintiff to produce documents they will be using in court came back with a note saying, "NOT COMPLIANCE WITH MAGISTERIAL JUDICIAL CIVIL PROCEEDING." They may have pulling a bluff or not. I found that to file, I have to follow some kind of format. However, If I send them another request with the correct format, I don't have enough time to get the answer from them, if ever. Like my title said, 9 days.

From tomorrow, I only have 9 business days to asked. That is not enough time for both part, because the rule said at least give them 30 days for response.

I kept telling DH that we need to see any documents and he waited, like he always does to work with anything with me. I needed him to word it out for me. He knows more legal words because he's been studying this since 2005 or later. I only woke up when I saw the 911 inside job videos. Now, our time is pressed and I am not sure if they will accept my motion for continuance base on producing the documents. Even if they approve it, I only have 3 and 1/2 week to gather everything.

I have to call the court tomorrow to ask them for continuance because of evidence. I will post an update tomorrow...

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