Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Believe It

Did you know that last Tuesday was flag day? Yes, I found out when I went to the court and file for DH representation for myself. Monday I did not went there because I had to find how to do it. I did not find anyway to do it, so I wrote a formal letter telling them what I am doing and what rule of court I am using.

SO, I went back Wednesday morning. I walk to the counter telling the clerk what I intend to do. She asked if DH is a lawyer or attorney. I told her NO, I am doing this from the Rule 207 of PA.R.C.P.M.D.J.(A)(1). Her answer, I never done anything like it. Present it to the judge on your court date. She can decide then if you can do it or not.

I came to the conclusion that no one know anything the rules of court even the clerk in the court. And no one ever used it before. Now, I am apprehensive that the judge will say, "why are you telling me this now, how come you did not file it before today?" Now, it's my word against the clerk of the court. I don't see a very good outcome if she comes out with that argument. Then I will be defending myself on my own against the twisting attorney of the allege claim against me.

I have to really practice how to say all my arguments. I also have to prepare a cross-examine questions if ever I have to cross-examine if the attorney decided to use Rule 207.1 him/herself. I am pretty sure the plaintiff will not show up. But then again that is my opinion, with $3787.00 they wanted, they might travel from Eatenton NJ to collect it from me. Again that is the amount they claim that I allege own them. I never seen in my life and they are telling me that I owe them money.

I should sue someone too, and tell them they owe money. Where is justice in the court answer is no where. If you don't play their game and you are not a member, you are no body. They see you as a money bag.

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