Tuesday, June 28, 2011

If You Know What I Know

For those who are making excuses after seeing this video, wake-up! This is not the land of milk and honey anymore, and he is right on the money. You let the government steal from you left and right.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Music Monday

"Wait Till You See My Smile" by Alicia Keys.

Alicia Keys - Wait Til You See My Smile lyrics

When the wind is blowing in your face
Sometimes in life you don't see straight
Pray to him
He will show

When your head is in a certain place
Nobody around to make you safe
Stand strong and you will grow

Wait till you see my smile
Wait till they see your smile

Don't they love to see you down
Kick you while you're on the ground
Don't let emotions show

People always speculate
Don't let it get in your way
See they say things they don't know
Wait till you see my smile
Wait till they see your smile

So you're doin' better now
Everybody comes around
But you don't really need em'
Cause you're stronger and you're better and you're ready for whatever

Wait till you see my smile
Wait till they see your smile
Wait till you see my smile
Wait till they see your smile

Friday, June 24, 2011

Understanding Banking

I am not a lawyer, I am simply sharing my experience to those who are trying to be free in this world.

If you understand how the banking system works in this country, then you are ready to tell them, "I DON'T OWE YOU ANYTHING." If you understand that the bank never loaned you money, you are ready taking what is yours.

Make sure you know all the Rules of court procedure regarding your claim, e.g. mortgage, personal, car loans and credit cards. Start recording phone calls. Answers each and every phone call you receive and never agree with anything unless it is in writing and the opposite side gave you your original contract. Re-read your contract. Did the bank specifically said in the contract what they will do for your? If not, that contract is a fraud and will not withstand trial.

Paper trails is the best way to go. If you need to register any mail, do so. You can use paper trails as evidence later when the bank takes you to court. Always show up in court. Your absence is a sign that you are agreeing the claim (their claims) are correct. If you don't know anything or if you don't have enough time to study the rules of court in your state, hire a lawyer if you can afford one.

If you are willing to be free, I suggest you buy the book "Rules of Court" for your state. And start reading how to file and how to use evidence in court. The most expensive kind gives you the format on how to write your letters and how to send them. If you can get a copy of Black's Law Dictionary also, you are in great shape to go pro se.

Believe me when I say, even the banks does not follow this book and it is your job to tell them that they are not compliance when you get to it.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Many Thanks

This morning was my court date. To my very supportive DH, who kept on telling me that I can do it. That there is nothing I cannot do if I put my mind to it. And to the High Almighty listening to my prayers.

The complaint was withdrawn by the plaintiff. I don't really know why, and there are many reason comes to mind. If anyone can believe that the banks never loaned anything you are in great shape winning your case in civil complaint.

This is not the way I wanted to go. I wished the plaintiff showed up and put an end to this mess and get the court to dismiss instead of complaint withdrawn.

I think the time will come, and hopefully I am well prepare for it. Maybe the High Almighty knew that I wasn't ready enough.

More elaboration in my later posts, after the whole thing sink in. I am still very nervous about the whole ordeal. One month and 6 days having to prepared for this. And my body is telling me that it's not good to my health. I need to recuperate first and cry.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thursday Is Coming So Quick

Thursday is my court date. I still don't know if DH can represent me because the court staff don't know anything. I have been familiarizing myself with all the Rules of Court in Civil Proceeding and I think I am ready. I don't know if I can win my complaint against me, but I am ready to answer all the questions that will come to me.

Hopefully what I learned with the Rules of Evidence is enough to stop these bastard. I need to be attentive and make sure to catch anything that is not compliance with the court proceeding. Everything tend to fly by me when I am nervous, and I pray that I can see all the wrong doing then can come up with.

The Judge will not point it out, and I need to be in the look out. I need to "object" on everything that they will present as evidence, because I am 100 percent they don't have nothing compliance. If I let my guard down, I am pretty sure they will do everything to force me to accept anything. This twisted people cannot win. They are the main reason, people like me, are tag as tyrant, communist, and so on. In the other hand, they are the one not following their own rules. It sick, a lot of people are being use as serf in this country. Sad...and my family is no exception.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Music Monday

Between two worlds...Perfect for DH and I. "We have build a bridge between two worlds."

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Believe It

Did you know that last Tuesday was flag day? Yes, I found out when I went to the court and file for DH representation for myself. Monday I did not went there because I had to find how to do it. I did not find anyway to do it, so I wrote a formal letter telling them what I am doing and what rule of court I am using.

SO, I went back Wednesday morning. I walk to the counter telling the clerk what I intend to do. She asked if DH is a lawyer or attorney. I told her NO, I am doing this from the Rule 207 of PA.R.C.P.M.D.J.(A)(1). Her answer, I never done anything like it. Present it to the judge on your court date. She can decide then if you can do it or not.

I came to the conclusion that no one know anything the rules of court even the clerk in the court. And no one ever used it before. Now, I am apprehensive that the judge will say, "why are you telling me this now, how come you did not file it before today?" Now, it's my word against the clerk of the court. I don't see a very good outcome if she comes out with that argument. Then I will be defending myself on my own against the twisting attorney of the allege claim against me.

I have to really practice how to say all my arguments. I also have to prepare a cross-examine questions if ever I have to cross-examine if the attorney decided to use Rule 207.1 him/herself. I am pretty sure the plaintiff will not show up. But then again that is my opinion, with $3787.00 they wanted, they might travel from Eatenton NJ to collect it from me. Again that is the amount they claim that I allege own them. I never seen in my life and they are telling me that I owe them money.

I should sue someone too, and tell them they owe money. Where is justice in the court system...my answer is no where. If you don't play their game and you are not a member, you are no body. They see you as a money bag.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Get Help

Like I said, get help if you need it. Make sure you know what you are getting into. There is plenty of help around, just like FHA Streamline for your housing needs. They offer free quotes in minutes. However, make sure to read the fine prints, but there are no fine prints, are you sure there are no fine prints. If you don't understand anything ask questions. There are no stupid questions.

If you can find any meaning for Federal Housing Administration, try locating it somewhere else. Furthermore, if you don't know what they stand for the internet can be access in your local library, and while you are there, try finding a book about it.

You can find different kinds of home loans and refinancing from streamline. Pick the one that is perfect or close to your needs. If you are in military or veterans check them out first. With this economy, every little thing help, all you have to do is find it or look for it.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Music Monday

Nickelback "If Today is Your Last Day." DC was watching a youtube game and I heard this in the background. I don't usually just feature a song without liking some parts of it. So, if today is your last day, what will you do.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nine Days for the Hearing

Well, I am not really sure what it is I am going to. On June 23, 2011 is when I have to defend myself at my Magisterial court against a creditor.

The letter asking the plaintiff to produce documents they will be using in court came back with a note saying, "NOT COMPLIANCE WITH MAGISTERIAL JUDICIAL CIVIL PROCEEDING." They may have pulling a bluff or not. I found that to file, I have to follow some kind of format. However, If I send them another request with the correct format, I don't have enough time to get the answer from them, if ever. Like my title said, 9 days.

From tomorrow, I only have 9 business days to asked. That is not enough time for both part, because the rule said at least give them 30 days for response.

I kept telling DH that we need to see any documents and he waited, like he always does to work with anything with me. I needed him to word it out for me. He knows more legal words because he's been studying this since 2005 or later. I only woke up when I saw the 911 inside job videos. Now, our time is pressed and I am not sure if they will accept my motion for continuance base on producing the documents. Even if they approve it, I only have 3 and 1/2 week to gather everything.

I have to call the court tomorrow to ask them for continuance because of evidence. I will post an update tomorrow...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Response to Complaint

I dropped off the answer to the complaint I received on May 17,2011. I know that I have 5 days before the court date to give them answer, however, I don't want to pissed off the judge and take it on me during the proceedings.

Like the secretary told me, write a letter. Well, DH told me to just make a simple letter telling them that I intend to enter a defense. My first letter is very legal with bunch of notation on top. So, I made it simple with only one sentence telling them that.

I also sent a certified and register mail to the plaintiff's attorney (did you know the word "ATTORN" means to "TWIST," yup that exactly their job in this world) with return signature required. I asked them to provide me with any information tying me to their claim. Or I should have said," Produce all documents that would substantiate your claim." Yup, that was the proper or legal way to say it.

No, I am not practicing law, I'm not a lawyer nor I wanted to be one. What I write here is my experience and wanted other people to learn from it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Phoned Them

Like I said before, I needed to write a legal answer to the complain sent to me. DH said, "it said on the complain to call them, why not just call." Well I did called them today, of course like any other government agency no one pick up the phone. I have to press zero for an answer.

I told her that I am calling because I am planning on doing a defense for the allege complain. Well, guess what? She told me to write a letter stating what I wanted to do and to make sure to include my docket number.

Now the writing part is necessary after all. I will post more, as the process unfold.