Saturday, May 14, 2011

Are You Kidding Me!

I rarely click on any news or anything for that matter while browsing for the things I am looking up online. I could say curiosity made me do it. Yeah, the good old curiosity.

Anyway, there is a list you see, it says, "Companies that will save us from food shortage," I know right away who is the number one, but hey I was curious that maybe the mass media has their own brain. However, like before I clicked on it, I was disappointed. And correct all along.

How is it that monsanto will save us? Nothing about monsanto is lawful. They are playing GOD for all the things they do, and not to mention it brings bad food to people. Furthermore, I am glad when I read some of the newest comments on that passage because people are against it. A lot of the people are getting it now, but still I think there are still 30 percent of the populations are getting it, and the 70 percent are still do not care and not awake to the whole thing.

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