Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nothing Yet

I am still debating if I should answer the complaint with a motion to dismiss for lack of evidence, not enough information and add in there too that I wanted to counter-claim. However, I am sure to answer that I am defending myself with the 207 Rules of the Court. DH will have to represent me, however he is in the same boat as me. We are both nervous and the right rules of the court might now come out correctly when we say it.

A lot of things I read about is, to get ready for anything. Meaning write a motion to anything and present them as they happens in the court. Preparedness is the key for the whole mess.

Do I need to write a letter for validation of debt to the plaintiff attorney and to the plaintiff? Will it help? So many questions and not available information.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Civil Complaint

Yup, I got one a few days back. Mailman asked me to sign for it and since I read it, I wasn't the same. This thing is stressing me out. If its not for DH, I may have fall apart already.

I guess I deserve it because I did something stupid, well, less stupid than those who don't know the difference, and I think I could have done worst if I wasn't awake about the truth on what is going on in our country.

Just taking one step at a time. Teaching myself the rule of magisterial court and how to answer the court's questions. You know, from that black dictionary. I don't know yet how to answer to the whole thing. I have five days before the date of hearing. Right now I have thirty-two days.

I will post the outcome here. I don't think I will do a counter-claim unless the plaintiff force me to do so. I have to see how it will unfold first.

Monday, May 16, 2011

My Thing

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

I've always sort of been known in the family for being really good at giving gifts… Like that time I got my mom that cookware set or even when I gave my husband the perfect golf club. Everyone knows I do all of my shopping online with my clear internet, and that helps me get things done in a timely manner. There's nothing worse than having to rush out at the last minute and find a store that carries the kind of gifts I'm looking for, so I'd rather just look a week ahead of time online then order the package to be delivered right to my home. That way, I can't even just pay for gift wrapping and I don't have to keep a whole big box of gift wrapping supplies at my house! I don't mind that my thing is being a good gift giver, since that's better than being habitually late or perhaps not being a reliable friend. Of all the superlatives I could have, that one is the best!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Are You Kidding Me!

I rarely click on any news or anything for that matter while browsing for the things I am looking up online. I could say curiosity made me do it. Yeah, the good old curiosity.

Anyway, there is a list you see, it says, "Companies that will save us from food shortage," I know right away who is the number one, but hey I was curious that maybe the mass media has their own brain. However, like before I clicked on it, I was disappointed. And correct all along.

How is it that monsanto will save us? Nothing about monsanto is lawful. They are playing GOD for all the things they do, and not to mention it brings bad food to people. Furthermore, I am glad when I read some of the newest comments on that passage because people are against it. A lot of the people are getting it now, but still I think there are still 30 percent of the populations are getting it, and the 70 percent are still do not care and not awake to the whole thing.