Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It isn't new to anyone about the housing markets nowadays. Plenty of people lost their jobs and lost their homes in the process. Moreover, have you heard about those people losing their homes because they can't pay their taxes on the paid homes? That my readers are messed-up, in my opinion. Even Certificate of Eligibility cannot help these people, because most of them are retired and cannot afford any other payments.

However, people like myself can easily acquire VA loan refinance because I can work and can afford payments of some sort. I just hope I never have to refinance anything. That would be the end of my family's plan going off the grid.

I'm pretty sure that we qualify for VA loan because my husband used to be in the military. All we have to do is go to to learn more. We did our homework and refinancing is out of the question for us. If you know, what we know you will also opt out of refinancing anything. Furthermore, please read everything and ask questions if you do not understand anything. If the answers you got is not sufficient for you,do some research, the internet is just a click away.

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