Monday, March 14, 2011

Project Runway Wins My Heart

Written by my friend Roosevelt Spence

All I can say is Project Runway. What is their not to love about this show? I am totally addicted to watching it. I mean, what is there not to love about the show? It offers everything you could want and need in a television show!

I turn on my TVbyDirect to watch Project Runway, and for the next hour, I am totally engrossed in the tv set. This is the 8th season of the show, and I have been a proud viewer of the show since it began long ago. The show showcases some very talented designers who all have hopes of making it big in the fashion industry. It is hosted by Heidi Klum, and she is so beautiful the sho! w is even more appealing with her gracing the screen.

It is the number one watched show by women, and I can see why. There is action, drama, suspense, and more all packed into each episode of the show. I hope that the show continues for another 8 seasons. You can believe that I will be there watching them all!

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