Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not Your Ordinary Lightning

Most of you should already know about H.A.A.R.P. which is not located in Alaska, right? You better research it if you don't. Last night, before it got dark we had a very unusual bright lightning. I said un-usual because even if your eyes are close you could see the flash. A friend of DH was lying on the couch resting with his eyes close, when it happened.

I was in the living room watching a some pre-recorded show when the flash appeared. I though the children was playing with my camera again. I looked around but no one was around me. Then after a minute or so, I heard a very loud thunder. Thunders are usually loud when they are close to us. And not very loud when far away and it take a few minutes before you hear it.

This is why I said the whole thing is not ordinary. Flash of white light that you can see while your eyes are close, and the minutes or so pause then a loud thunder. I think HAARP release a radiation type thing to the big part of my county last night. DH cannot believe how bright it was either, and think that its not an ordinary lightning.

The GOD of US is working overtime again. Right now, it is too bright outside like the sun is reflecting from the snow. But we have thick clouds covering the sun. I will not be surprise if something bad happens to us, or the big area where this flash was release yesterday. Very weird...did you saw anything un-usual in your area yesterday? US bound readers?

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