Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Heard

That when protesting that the protesters are not allowed to put their signs on any picket poles in NJ. What is this? So if a police came up to you and said something against what is your banner is about, you can't hit them with your picket pole? Oooh...that is not fair.

Since the middle eastern country's citizens start revolting against their government, now these supposed to be law enforcers are scared of a little sticks? Now, that has nothing to do that they own a hand gun, and it's always attached to their belt. course, they don't want their good looks to get ruin by a little sticks...I think that's it.

Yeah, let's talk about good looks. None of these days policemen have good looks anymore. Most of them now looks butch. That by looking at you, you get intimidated. We are here to help you, more, like "we are here to make your remaining life miserable." Put your window down, and that is an order. Excuse me, you do not own me, and this is my private property. You can hear me fine, and I can hear you fine. Why should I put my window so low, so that you can struggle me when you don't like what is coming out of mouth? And who made the so called law? The citizens, and the law should be under me...not over my are not above me. SURE you have your hand gun. Give me one and let's see what will happen. I am paying you to be around, and I am feeding your whole family. Most of you are ignorant.

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