Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Silk Ties

I like it when my boys wear silk ties when we go to any family functions. Most of these functions are held in a nice restaurant and dressing up for the occasions is what we do. The main factor on how we dress for the occasion is how the card look. If the card is bought from a pre-pack invitation, then we dress casual. If the card is made especially for the occasion, we dress in formal clothes.

My sister in law in the other hand might have forgotten the way they do it when she was little. My husband dress for the occasion, and she in the other hand wears whatever she likes. We never saw her son wear silk ties in any of the occasions we have been.

My husband always talks to me about it, but never to his own sister. I think he is sparing his sister feeling. If I care enough for someone I would say something. Then again, I am at the same boat like my husband. I don't want to hurt her feelings. However, seeing her family out of place when everyone is wearing formals with silk ties, make both of us feel bad about the situation.

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