Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Resolution for Reading with my Kids

Guest post written by Marion Horton

One of the best things that my parents ever did for me, in my opinion, was to sit down and read with my sister and I and read to us. Since then I've always loved reading and I decided that now that my kids are starting to learn how to read, I should do the same with them. That's going to be just one of the resolutions that IÕm making for 2011.

Even though I think that helped me learn how to read better to hear my mom pronounce the words on the page as I read them, it also had obvious emotional benefits too. I went online to buy a few big books that have lots of stories that I could read to my kids. When I was online looking for some, I came across a CLEARINTERNET online offer that seemed really great so I decided to sign up for it for our household internet service.

I've started my book New Year's resolution already, as soon as the books got shipped to our house and I think my kids are really enjoying it.

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