Thursday, December 2, 2010


Well, not really a uniform because they have different colors and styles now. I am talking about medical uniforms. It used to be uniform, but now I call it style-less. Let me tell you a story that happened not too long ago. It's not strange to everyone, I have four children and when one get sick the others follow. I spent a lot of time in the doctors' office getting them checked when they are sick. More before than now, because they were in public school.

Anyway, one of the nurses was wearing a very thin medical scrub set, and everyone can see through it. It can easily be bypassed if she was wearing a skin color underwear but that was not the case.

So, may I suggest when picking a discount scrubs uniform, go with thicker fabric? Hospitals and doctors offices are usually cooler, why wear something provocative and see through. I just don't understand it. Unless with all the tending and running they do, makes them sweat a lot, but still not a nice view for me. On the other hand, maybe it was the only one left, and you don't have any choice but to put it on. I think it's time to upgrade when that happens.

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