Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pumpkin Eggnog for Granny

Thanks for the post from Nora Mccoy

Sometime in early November, my favorite drink goes in the dairy case till after Christmas. Pumpkin eggnog is just something I have to have. It almost tastes like the mixture for a pumpkin pie only thinner. I just swallow each sip slowly savoring the taste till the glass is empty.

There is nothing else that tastes like it. It tastes just like real pumpkin. Sad to say it is hard to keep in my fridge though. You see my husband loves it and so do two of my grandchildren. It is purchased at least 3 times a week around my house. I guess it really gets to this grandma when the day is done. The grandkids are in bed. The house is quiet and I have a good book waiting. I go to the fridge expecting to find a glass of pumpkin eggnog and the very last drop is gone. Poof! Nobody told me. I sit down to read knowing it will be tomorrow before I can replenish my supply. Nobody thinks of Grandma.

Well I guess I can go to bed and dream about the first commercial of the season for eggnog. Maybe in my dream I can be one of the actors in the commercial and it will make me think in my sleep that I had a glass of the delicious concoction. Thank goodness for commercials and my satellite tv from Maybe I can make it till I get to the supermarket tomorrow and stock up.

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