Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Family Snow Day

Thanks for the article from Robin Woodard

We just received our first snow of the winter yesterday and were amazed by how many inches we got! Usually the first snow will only bring two or three inches, but this year we ended up with seven inches. This afternoon, my three kids and I will be going outside to play and build snowmen.

My youngest son is already talking about organizing a big snowball fight -- which unfortunately, I'm pretty sure to lose. I might have better luck organizing the construction of a big fort that the others can hide in. The snowball fights have never been my strong point. I do love to help them make snowmen though. We usually love to build a whole snow family. We'll build a really tall one that looks like their dad, a shorter one that looks like me, and then three smaller snow people that look like the kids. After we're done, we dress them up with old scarves and hats, carrots for noses, and find some branches for their arms.

After we're done playing outside, we'll be going back inside to enjoy the big spaghetti dinner that my husband is making tonight. We're really excited to sit down and watch some Christmas specials on directtv during dinner. We'll also enjoy our shows with some homemade hot chocolate, cookies, and of course, cozy blankets.

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