Friday, December 31, 2010

That Time of Year Again

Spring's cleaning is what I have in mind, and we will need to find residential carpet cleaner Austin in our area. We put carpeting on our floor when we started having children for comfort. Now, we don't think it was a good idea and wished we put in a hard wood floor instead. I don't think our carpet will stay nice and clean without rug & upholstery cleaning Austin. We can see the difference after it dried. Very close to normal, however, I don't mind if it's not like new, as long as it is clean and fluffy again, I am happy.

We had one year, that everyone got sick right after the other, and there was a lot of vomiting going on. We could not stand the spots and smell, while everyone is getting better, we shopped around for rug cleaning prices Austin. Furthermore, when we all got the viruses, we air out the house, and the cleaner came in cleaned and deodorized our carpets. Having clean carpets after the events sure feel nice. We will probably change it to a hard wood floor eventually, but for now we have to deal with the carpets. Walking on carpeting on winter months is much better than the hard wood floor. However, having pets with pleas is not so great.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Day

He was an enemy of the state prior to even being born. After his birth the homicidal agents of the state forced his family, to take the newborn child, and flee their country. Thirty-three years later the occupying imperial authority, and their local stooges, in a show trial, summarily found the young man guilty of treason and blasphemy, and executed him as an example to the sheeple (people who act like sheep).

The birth of Jesus Christ was the single most important political event in history—from that birth statism would receive its first defeat. When Jesus said render onto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s –-it is said that the people marveled. They were astounded because it was a revolutionary idea. Separation of the powers and authority of the state, from that of god, meant that the authority and power of imperial Rome, or any other state, was limited and secondary.

The concept of Western Liberty was thus born—the claim of the state to be man's savior was denied. For that act of treason (and it was treasonous) the State murdered Jesus, and declared war on his criminal followers.

Regardless of their personal religious feelings about the metaphysical nature of Jesus of Nazareth—all lovers of liberty should enthusiastically celebrate the day of his birth—for it is also a celebration of the birth of liberty.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's A Wonderful Life, A Touching Christmas Classic

Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

Many people during the holidays are alone or in financial despair, especially lately, in these rough economic times. My family and I have shared our experiences with this as well, once upon a time, but now consider ourselves very lucky, for we will always have each other, no matter what happens. Many of the Christmas specials we watch together during the holidays include movies that remind us that we weren't alone during all of our rough times and to keep hope during the holidays, as life will get better eventually.

Our favorite Christmas special to watch together during the holidays is, It's A Wonderful Life. This black and white Christmas classic, can rarely ever be found airing on stations during any time except for the holiday season but whenever we see it on our Satellite TV, it's always the first thing we watch. My family and I, love this heart wrenching story of a man with nothing left, and is ready to give up on life. But a guardian angel comes from heaven to show him how much the world would suffer, if he had never been alive at all. In the end he comes to realize that life may be hard, but having people around that love him is worth staying strong through the hard times and things will get better some day.It's A Wonderful Life is a great classic Christmas special to watch with all of your family members this holiday season.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Family Snow Day

Thanks for the article from Robin Woodard

We just received our first snow of the winter yesterday and were amazed by how many inches we got! Usually the first snow will only bring two or three inches, but this year we ended up with seven inches. This afternoon, my three kids and I will be going outside to play and build snowmen.

My youngest son is already talking about organizing a big snowball fight -- which unfortunately, I'm pretty sure to lose. I might have better luck organizing the construction of a big fort that the others can hide in. The snowball fights have never been my strong point. I do love to help them make snowmen though. We usually love to build a whole snow family. We'll build a really tall one that looks like their dad, a shorter one that looks like me, and then three smaller snow people that look like the kids. After we're done, we dress them up with old scarves and hats, carrots for noses, and find some branches for their arms.

After we're done playing outside, we'll be going back inside to enjoy the big spaghetti dinner that my husband is making tonight. We're really excited to sit down and watch some Christmas specials on directtv during dinner. We'll also enjoy our shows with some homemade hot chocolate, cookies, and of course, cozy blankets.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Not Feeling Festive

This is actually the very first year that I don't like celebrating this season. I had it up to wazoo with everything around me. Government not governing but controlling. Corporations being run by the government. Everything is made in China. You can't do this, you can't do that, because people get hurt and someone got sued.

Printing paper money back with air. Is that mean I can print my own and back with nothing too? Why not? Federal reserve bailing all the corporations and government agencies, then the government keep on taxing the hard working people of this country for what?

So that the king and queen can keep their lifestyle. We are under them again, all these taxes, registrations, licenses, passports, fines, everything an individual needs to do these days are being tax. They might not call it tax, but what else you call it. Forcing someone to pay something because they need to? yeah...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This guest post from Arlene Guthrie

This year I was having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit, thinking of using the same old decorations. I always wanted one of those really old fashioned Christmas trees for the holidays. One day I was watching satellite television and they had a tool for making those huge bows. I ordered it. It was easy to work and I made some really beautiful satin ribbon bows. I had my husband put up our artificial tree and string the lights. Well, he has to do something, doesn't he? The tree is starting to get pretty old. It is molting fake pine needles all over the carpet. I'm guessing next year we'll have to purchase a new one. Maybe we will find one on sale right after Christmas. If not, I may just get one from that shopping channel. But, I digress.

Before I put the red satin bows on the tree, I strung popcorn and cranberries. I added some strings of white beads, which I already had. Then, I put on the bows. Finally, I added all different types of ornaments and some small red bulbs.. It came out beautiful. I was finally in the Christmas spirit. When I finished decorating, I went back to watch Christmas movies on satellite television from

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Well, not really a uniform because they have different colors and styles now. I am talking about medical uniforms. It used to be uniform, but now I call it style-less. Let me tell you a story that happened not too long ago. It's not strange to everyone, I have four children and when one get sick the others follow. I spent a lot of time in the doctors' office getting them checked when they are sick. More before than now, because they were in public school.

Anyway, one of the nurses was wearing a very thin medical scrub set, and everyone can see through it. It can easily be bypassed if she was wearing a skin color underwear but that was not the case.

So, may I suggest when picking a discount scrubs uniform, go with thicker fabric? Hospitals and doctors offices are usually cooler, why wear something provocative and see through. I just don't understand it. Unless with all the tending and running they do, makes them sweat a lot, but still not a nice view for me. On the other hand, maybe it was the only one left, and you don't have any choice but to put it on. I think it's time to upgrade when that happens.

Pumpkin Eggnog for Granny

Thanks for the post from Nora Mccoy

Sometime in early November, my favorite drink goes in the dairy case till after Christmas. Pumpkin eggnog is just something I have to have. It almost tastes like the mixture for a pumpkin pie only thinner. I just swallow each sip slowly savoring the taste till the glass is empty.

There is nothing else that tastes like it. It tastes just like real pumpkin. Sad to say it is hard to keep in my fridge though. You see my husband loves it and so do two of my grandchildren. It is purchased at least 3 times a week around my house. I guess it really gets to this grandma when the day is done. The grandkids are in bed. The house is quiet and I have a good book waiting. I go to the fridge expecting to find a glass of pumpkin eggnog and the very last drop is gone. Poof! Nobody told me. I sit down to read knowing it will be tomorrow before I can replenish my supply. Nobody thinks of Grandma.

Well I guess I can go to bed and dream about the first commercial of the season for eggnog. Maybe in my dream I can be one of the actors in the commercial and it will make me think in my sleep that I had a glass of the delicious concoction. Thank goodness for commercials and my satellite tv from Maybe I can make it till I get to the supermarket tomorrow and stock up.