Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Going Fishing at the Lake

Thanks for the article from Graham Burton

My dad and I go out fishing about once a week. I think that's part of the benefit of living pretty close to a lake. We have been doing this since I was about twelve. We get up really early, pack up all the gear and set the Adt monitoring center. Sometimes, the sun isn't even up when we get to the lake. It is so quiet out there and we don't even have to talk very much to have a good time.

We don't always catch something, but it is never a waste to go. Spending time with my dad has become more important the older I get. Just having something in common and hanging out enjoyable. Of course, the trips aren't always uneventful. The last time we went, the boat capsized and we both headed overboard. Needless to say, the fish certainly weren't biting much after that. But, we had a good laugh together and ended up coming home soaking wet. At least we salvaged most of the bait and none of the poles were lost. We did however lose at least one of the fishing hats my dad keeps tucked inside his tackle box. I wasn't too worried. He still has three others.

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