Saturday, August 7, 2010

Who Is The Idiot

First, I don't have any control on how you drop (stupid) entrecard in my blog? I usually get the invalid message when I click the widget too fast or in the wrong way. Second, I am not a HTML savvy that can do something about on how you (idiot) drop card into this scripted entrecard widget.

If I don't want your ad showing in my widget, that is my decision and you have NO say about it. You don't like the way I do it, stop visiting and dropping here. I own this, if there are ads here you don't like, just look away and continue on with your business. I don't need people like you who makes trouble for someone just because you don't agree with my content.

You are the kind of people making this country as socialist as can be and run down the ground by your so called politician, who are supposed to be working on your side to make legislation and the man made LAWS. Guess what, those man made LAWS are not the LAW of the LAND. The law of the land is the Golden Rule. Yeah, whatever...that maybe your law, NOT MY MINE AND PEOPLE LIKE ME.

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