Saturday, August 28, 2010


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When you are married to a Filipino all of sudden you are starting to ask everyone who looks like one, if they are from the Philippines. My husband start noticing it because he wanted me to have friends from my country. Sad to say but I never wanted to meet any. I don't like it when they say that they are from the capital of the country. I am from the same country, you can tell me what province you came from. I study the country's geography, thank you very much.

My husband met a lot of them, and he found out that most of them are nurses, and he asked me why I'm not a nurse. Well, I am the exception to the rule, and I wanted to be different. I don't want to wear medical scrubs for the rest of my life. There is nothing wrong with it, the job is not for me. At this point, of my life and from what is happening around me, I wanted to be a surgical doctor. I can probably get a free tuition, but my time is limited as it is.

No, I don't want to practice and get paid a lot of money for it, I wanted to use it when needed. I will enjoy buying scrubs online to save time. I use to buy most of my business attire online when I was still working. Furthermore, scrubs store is not hard to find. I used to wear a button down, 3/4 sleeves with slit on the side shirt, no pockets and when I visited dental or medical office they thought I was like them. I am not trying to impersonate anyone, but it was the trend those days.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On Cars and Trucks

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A few years back my sister called me up while she was on her way to California. They were base (military) in Oklahoma that time. She is something, when she can't find anyone else to talk with she calls me up and brags about something. Anyway, she mentioned that she broke down and using Dallas auto repair and she was bored and called me up. That make sense, she was bored and who she called, her younger sister. I wish she can call just to say hello and ask how we are doing.

I got mad at her at one point and sent her an April poll's email. I told her that my husband got a new loaded Chevloret Silverado, and I got myself a LX10. She just said, "oh good for you," and she didn't even scroll down to the bottom of page to see if I have really gotten one. I am not materialistic as she is. Sometimes it makes me wonder if we came from the same parents.

However, I settled for a mini-van (Kia) to fit my whole family. We just did a brake job on it not too long ago. And the best part is, it is already paid for. We don't have any vehicle payments anymore, and my sister in another hand gotten a new Lexus sedan not too long ago. I am pretty sure she did not pay cash for it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just Like The US Government

After the allowable time, ENTRECARD did not even get back to me on what they are talking about, the "INVALID" message that someone complained about. They probably realized that it was a glitch on their script when someone is dropping "TOO FAST" and me as a user does not deserve an explanation, just like the government of this country.

The constitution was written to protect the sovereign citizens of this country but since WE given it too much power, now they think THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW AND IT DOES NOT APPLY TO THEM. We created a monster and they needed to pay for their crime.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Who Is The Idiot

First, I don't have any control on how you drop (stupid) entrecard in my blog? I usually get the invalid message when I click the widget too fast or in the wrong way. Second, I am not a HTML savvy that can do something about on how you (idiot) drop card into this scripted entrecard widget.

If I don't want your ad showing in my widget, that is my decision and you have NO say about it. You don't like the way I do it, stop visiting and dropping here. I own this, if there are ads here you don't like, just look away and continue on with your business. I don't need people like you who makes trouble for someone just because you don't agree with my content.

You are the kind of people making this country as socialist as can be and run down the ground by your so called politician, who are supposed to be working on your side to make legislation and the man made LAWS. Guess what, those man made LAWS are not the LAW of the LAND. The law of the land is the Golden Rule. Yeah, whatever...that maybe your law, NOT MY MINE AND PEOPLE LIKE ME.