Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Laredo Texas

You will not hear much about this, but from what I heard in my radio station that Mexicans have taken some ranches in Laredo Texas. Act of war against the American from what I understand it. However, why is the government is not doing about it? They only warned the American people to stay away from the area.

Mind you, our military are all over the world fighting the so called terrorist (in foreign country?). They should be fighting the terrorist in this country. You know what I mean, the terrorist are setting in Washington DC and everyone who voted yes for all the statutes, legislation, rules, and what they call laws. I only recognize the common laws people. A made up laws by these people are not the real laws.

Anyway, let's get back to Texas. Albeit that the people of Washington DC will come up of yet, another legislation against what is happening in Laredo. And I bet more or our human rights will be taken away for this legislation that they will come up with.

From what I understand there are 8...I said 8 things the government supposed to be doing and 1 of those 8 is to act on those who are trying to invade the American soil...NOT HEALTH CARE, NOT MEDDLING IN PEOPLE LIVES, NOT MAKING BULLSHIT LAWS. Do you see the pattern here? All the things they are suppose to be doing, they are not doing squat about it. And all the things they should stay away from, they are making it their business because there are money and power involve. Isn't the USA corporation great...(sarcastically).

Another example of why we should not have a big government. Get the picture, open your eyes and see the reality around you.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Whoever own a bumper stickers that reads, "Guns cause crimes as flies cause garbage". Are you a dim-wit no brain individual? This is like saying, "pencils writes misspelled words".

What the hell are they thinking making this kind of stickers? And the car owner is an idiot for buying and displaying it. How many times do I have to say, "that I grew up with guns and not once I accidentally shoot someone". Stupid people!