Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My RIGHTS Exercised

It wasn't a very good day for DH to forget his phone at home. Or is it good that he forgot it at home?

It's no surprised about my blog followers that I also have a vegetable garden in my backyard. Late last year we started recycling our food scraps (no meat) and adding them into our garden. Do you know how stinky those things are? Yes, if the wind is blowing your direction you will smell it, no doubt.

And of course our one neighbor that I talk about in some of my blogs that we love so much (sarcastic)? I hate him so much today, there is nothing more hateful than I feel right now. He called our township sewer police to check the stinky smell. WHY CAN'T THEY KNOCK IN OUR DOOR AND ASK? Because he knows that we hate everything about him, and I think he is scared.

I told the sewer police that you cannot go back there because my husband is not home. I tried calling him but I heard the phone ringing inside the house. This sewer police keeps on telling me that HE got the rights to inspect in our backyard, that it is the LAW (don't get me started with the LAW). If I don't trust him why not call the phone on his calling card that he handed to me, when he introduced himself. I told him I believe you...but you are not going back there. Then he said, "it will only take less than a minute, I wanted to inspect it to see what was the problem so that we can fix it"...or I should get a warrant, and you have to pay some $500 fine". I just keep telling him NO.

He said that he still needed to do some errands, I told him come back later when my husband is home. He left and drove to my good neighbor house and trying to look in our backyard. He saw me came out to the backyard and walk to his truck and drove to my tattle tale hated neighbor house. The next thing I saw was him with my jerk neighbor are walking away from our property line. MY RIGHTS EXERCISED AND HE RESPECTED MY AUTHORITY FOR SAYING NO.

It feels good, but I was in the wreak until DH got home. There were so many things going in my head, and I was alert as ever. I kept on the four corner of our property and making sure no one was spying around. WE need a fence, I wanted the ugliest one that I can put between our property, I want to make sure that is not see-through. Then, I will put all of my waste food right next to their property. I AM SO FREAKING MAD!!! Why are people so freaking mean and wants everything according to their liking, and if it doesn't, they will ask and cry to congress to legislate everything? BY THE FREAKING WAY, I am allowed to do what I am doing with my food scraps. They have not legislated that yet in my area...when they do...I will find a boondock where there are no neighbors to complain about what I am doing in MY OWN PROPERTY!

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