Monday, June 14, 2010

My English Degree Online

Thanks to my friend Natalie Whitmore for the guest entry.

While working toward my BS degree in English I took several different hughes satellite online classes. My degree is in Language Arts and Secondary Education so most of my classes were aimed toward literature or education. I specifically recall one education class I took online which was great.

The great thing about the class was that I could do the work and take the tests on my own time. The class ran on a message board so there weren't a lot of specified times that we had to meet as a group. The freedom was really amazing. Assignments were given on Monday, the were due by Friday. The tests were usually due by Monday but they were place on the board by Friday. This way you could take the test whenever you felt like you had studied enough. You could take a test anytime but once you started it, you had to finish it.

At the time that I was taking online classes my husband and I were living in a small rural cottage. We had satellite internet, because there was no cable provider in the area. My work schedule was chaotic at the time so it was great to be able to sit down whenever I wanted to and do my work. The class was a little bit more expensive than my on campus classes but it saved me a fortune in gas. I am not working on a master's degree entirely on internet via satellite!

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