Thursday, May 20, 2010


Is it made to make the decision for you? To endorse a person, and do everything on their power (including cheating) for this person to win. What happen to research everything about a candidate and then made up your mind after doing so. Watching TV and to listen what the media are saying about the certain candidate is not the wisest deciding point.

I did vote this past Tuesday because I will not vote for the lesser evil. If they voted in the past to things I don't agree with they don't deserve my vote. As for me, people who run this country and giving away my human rights does deserve anything from me. My vote is too valuable, and if they want it bad enough they will abide the constitution or follow the supreme law of the land.

GOP runs the politics in this country. They decide who will win and do the job for them, the way this country will be run to their (the rich) advantages. You don't agree, do your own research on how the government is being run. The president is only the topping and the rest are just icing.

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