Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Big Apple

Sent in by my friend, Kelly Sanders

It is unfair to the residents of this once great city that they must endure the creeping growth in violent crime. Women are becoming the object of gangs of illegal immigrants." The criminals know that they will be treated with "kid gloves" and prey on these women. This is not a condemnation of one group or another, because in a particular Asian area of northeast Queens, young Asian women are suffering attacks by violent Asian gangs.

The subway is a nightmare with fewer police officers who are out looking for terrorists. This is blatantly unfair to the female passengers who must work to make ends meet in this expensive city.

There is no reason that on a weekly basis, these hard-working women are being followed home and attacked in their apartments. In empty subway cars and in filthy subway bathrooms they are also being stalked. The situation has reached such a state that extra locks, dogs and alarms through ADT New York are some of the only means to protect against intruders. The assault and robbery of these women must stop.

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