Monday, April 26, 2010

Who The Hell Is He

Who the hell is Tim Potts trying to change my state constitution? No one has any authority over me. Human being only have authority over plants and you know that...of course you don't. I don't care what his title and who he is, he does not have a right to do so and give away my rights. He spoke to the League of Women Voters on Saturday in my local library. Who is he the son, or let me re-phrase that and make it the great-great-great grandson of Satan?

Why can’t we tell the politicians to follow the state constitution first, before changing anything. His mentality is like the twin of our so called president. He is "supposed to be a president" but he is not. President works for the people not the people working for the president.

Satan's and related to him are coming out right now. They have a poll about it in my local newspaper and 71% of the people who voted wanted to change the state constitution. Kiss my open carry, DON'T ASK POLICY GOODBYE. Where are these people being brainwash from? I would like to know and give them a piece of mind.

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