Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Homegrown Terrorist, I Think Not

Yes, it was all over the news. They are patting each other's back by taking them from a funeral. They even triple their number just to pick 7 people who are paying respect to their friend.

Militia is not the bad one here. Even the constitutions stated that a militia can be form when they think the government is under attack, and it has been, since they stop following our constitution and simply rule over the citizens of this country.

Did you know that these people got arrested without knowing what the charges are? Of course you don't because the only source of news you listen to is the main stream media, who works against everyone you are trying to expose how corrupt is our officials? Yes, the law enforcement, ATF, FBI and other privately maintain forces can, and will arrest a citizen without showing why you are getting arrested. Welcome to the US of Hell.

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