Monday, April 26, 2010

Who The Hell Is He

Who the hell is Tim Potts trying to change my state constitution? No one has any authority over me. Human being only have authority over plants and you know that...of course you don't. I don't care what his title and who he is, he does not have a right to do so and give away my rights. He spoke to the League of Women Voters on Saturday in my local library. Who is he the son, or let me re-phrase that and make it the great-great-great grandson of Satan?

Why can’t we tell the politicians to follow the state constitution first, before changing anything. His mentality is like the twin of our so called president. He is "supposed to be a president" but he is not. President works for the people not the people working for the president.

Satan's and related to him are coming out right now. They have a poll about it in my local newspaper and 71% of the people who voted wanted to change the state constitution. Kiss my open carry, DON'T ASK POLICY GOODBYE. Where are these people being brainwash from? I would like to know and give them a piece of mind.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How Many More

Calamity/disasters before people realize that what's going on is not all about the mother nature. I would like to come back later in life and shove everything on those people throats and say " I told you so".

I think the people in Alaska are working at overtime for all the things happening right now. You don't think so? that is your opinion and I have mine.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rallies Across the Country

Come out and support many organizations protesting tomorrow. Yes, tax day and most of the people that will be doing the rallies are fighting for something what they believe. Taxation is unconstitutional and the government should not tax its citizens to death.

I believe taxes for the roads are doable, but not for every little thing around us. I also don't believe about school tax and others. I can teach my children at home without it. The control belongs to the family about education, not from the government.

Support us tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Homegrown Terrorist, I Think Not

Yes, it was all over the news. They are patting each other's back by taking them from a funeral. They even triple their number just to pick 7 people who are paying respect to their friend.

Militia is not the bad one here. Even the constitutions stated that a militia can be form when they think the government is under attack, and it has been, since they stop following our constitution and simply rule over the citizens of this country.

Did you know that these people got arrested without knowing what the charges are? Of course you don't because the only source of news you listen to is the main stream media, who works against everyone you are trying to expose how corrupt is our officials? Yes, the law enforcement, ATF, FBI and other privately maintain forces can, and will arrest a citizen without showing why you are getting arrested. Welcome to the US of Hell.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Just Half The Truth

Here is the link of what I am talking about. The main stream media are saying that some group that is a threat to our national security (more like the threat to them) are telling the governors to step down within 3 days after receiving the so called letter. What they didn't say is that if the governors do not comply to the constitution that they only have 3 days before stepping or giving up their seats. Funny how the mainstream media have their own version.