Wednesday, March 3, 2010

EntreCard Network

Did you read the entrecard latest buzz in your dashboard (entrecard users)? On March 31 you are only allowed to have 100K ec credits in your account. If you have multiple accounts, and they are linked together, you better bring your ec credit down. From what I understand the multiple link accounts should also total under 100K. I have more than 200K ec credits right now, and I am trying to separate the accounts.

I have not received any answer as of yet. From what I heard, they take forever to reply about anything. Hopefully, by separating my account, I will be able to keep most of my credits and buy ads from it. Right now, I got so much ads running, and I am trying to bring the credit down. So, I can't separate my account, before the end of the month I am willing to give away some.

My email is in the lower part of this blog, just send me your information, and I will send you some credits to bring my total under 100K. That is, if they don't get back to me about separating my accounts.

This also a really great economic lesson on how is our economy keep on going downhill. The federal reserve just keep on printing fiat money (not back-up with silver or gold), they become worthless after a while because there are so many around. The same thing with ec credit. It is a virtual credit. They used to sell 1000ec credit for $5 when I join, now you can't hardly get rid of it. No one wants it, and some even willing to sell them for $.88 per 1000. They legislate how to sell it, now look what is happening.

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