Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So Many Flags

The United States of America Military FlagThe United States of America Military Flag, plain and simple with no gold fringe or other ornaments and symbolism attached.

Not the Original USA Military Flag, Corporation FlagThis is not the original United States of America Military Flag. You can see a lot of them being use today. Some say it is a flag of Admiralty/Maritime type jurisdiction and is not suppose to be used on Land. Others say it's not a flag at all but fiction. (Oh, I believe both of these) However, the gold fringe which surrounds the flag gives notice that the American flag has been captured and is now being used by the corporate so-called government to give notice of jurisdiction. (this to me is believable too) The flag shown above appears to be a "USA flag" but has one or more of the following:

1. Gold fringe along its borders (called "a badge")
2. Gold braided cord (tassel) hanging from pole
3. Ball on top of pole (last cannon ball fired)
4. Eagle on top of pole
5. Spear on top of pole

The flag shown above is Not described in Title 4 of USC and therefore is illegal on land except for maybe (1) the President since he is in charge of Naval Forces on high seas, and (2) naval offices and yards.

President Eisenhower settled the debate on the width of the fringe.

The so-called justification for a Naval/Maritime flag to be on land is that all land was under the high water mark at one time even if it was eons ago.

Flags on poles flying at the same height as other flags have equal status. A flag flying higher than the flag below indicates superiority over the flag below. Note that corporate state flags fly below the US flag.

Keep in mind that the states were originally Sovereign over the central government and only the state flags were flown except in the District of Columbia not exceeding 10 miles square, its territories, forts, dockyards, arsenals, and other needful buildings, such as Post Offices, purchased with the consent of the legislature of the affected state. (Constitution, Section 8, Clause 17)

The people in the geographic continental USA are at peace but the corporate government continues to be at war to exist, to increase and perpetuate debt, and to enrich others through Defence contracts. There you go people, keep on sugar coating everything. That will stop from spreading (see the sarcastic there?).

Prior to the 1950's state republic flags were mostly flown, but when a United States of America's flag was flown it was one of the following:
  1. Military flag ***Horizontal stripes, white stars on blue background. Has no fringe, braids (tassel), eagle, ball, spear, very plain just like below.

  2. Military Flag
  3. Civil Flag ***Intended for peace time usage, denoting civil jurisdiction under the Constitution and common law. Has vertical stripes, blue stars on white background. Was known flown before the Civil War.

Civil Flag use in time of PeaceThe one below is a patch can be seen on military's uniform. Like my second example above, this is not described in Title 4. I don't care that is say's "moving forward", you don't just simply change something because that is what they look like when the flag is being use in the parade blowing on the wind. This is not a United States of America's flag. The people who made this knew exactly what it means and they they will tell the truth. I don't recognize the image below and my second the second image above.

Backward patch FlagSo, which flag do you salute?

Some information are taken from USAvs.US

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