Friday, February 5, 2010

Realization & Disappointment

Another person who can see what is really going on in our world. You can call him whatever you want the fact is he knows more than me and you. He is a walking information just like the other people in my side bar. I agree when he say that if we are free how come he can't do a show in any radio station that is own by the big corporation? Why are they so scared of putting him on air? I bet you that when people hear him in this big radio station that a lot of people will wake up and say "you know what he makes a lot of sense".

I am very disappointed with a lot of people now a days. They very easy to come up with a question when the so called help from the government is touch on with this argument. Are you free? Do you want to be free? This is what you can do to be free however they are not willing to listen. How can I pay for this when I get sick and don't have any money? That is why we need to get rid of all the taxes in this country. We will be able to keep a lot for ourselves to provide when we are un-able to get a job. There is no easy way out. I wish at least one of my reader will watch the whole interview. Human sacrifice through vaccinations and ready to eat food. They are slowly killing us, the working class of this country. They will make-up things like 911 and swine flu to get more control over you. And to rob you left and right and everyone are fine with it because in their, the government is here to help us survive but in reality the opposite. There so much problem came arise from many children around the world because everything that their government tell them to do the citizens do it.

Think for yourself and always ask why. You don't need to be a member of any congregation to learn about the words of Yahweh/Yeshua, especially to those can not afford to be in it. Rent it from your local library along with a dictionary. Everything will not be hand and chew for you. You need to do the work if you want your freedom. No one in this country is free except for those who recognize their sovereignty, those who does not use driver license, those who do not pay taxes, those who do not recognize other people authority over themselves, those are the true free citizens of this country.

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