Monday, February 8, 2010

MM *Creedence Clearwater*

I have a hard time looking for this song. I heard it on Wolfenstein that my kids play but I can't quite understand the lyrics. I tried searching for red, white and blue, many pop out but not this one. I almost gave up and type in "red, white and blue old song" and I found it. The title is "Fortunate Son" and the group is in my title.

Below is a Civil flag or Peace flag usage denoting civil jurisdiction under the Constitution and Common Law, has vertical stripes, blue stars on white background--last flown before Civil War. To tell you the truth I like this one better than any version of United States of America flag these days. Please remember US citizen does not citizen of United States of America (the country itself) and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is also different from capital and lower case letters. If you like freedom movement (corporation) you will understand what I am talking about, if not do your research about this country.

I will talk more about the the United States of America's flag in my later post. As for now, enjoy the song. For liberty!

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