Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time Flies When You are Having Fun

Not really but I can't come up of better title that will not sound snotty. Let's talk about religion today. Why do you need it? I think everyone is pretty much know how to read these days, I am right? Why do you need someone else to read it for you? Aha, because you are too lazy to understand the word of Yahweh yourself. What else is there? Is it as social network? Will that make you a socialist?

I do not believe that God will put food in my table. I know I have to work for it and with help of some prayers and believing spiritually I can feed my family. Yahweh/Yeshua will not knock on my door to hand me food, but somehow people think that way. I will not join any religion just to be control the so called priest, pastor, or whatever else you call it. I wanted to learn all the writing not just the bible and I apply HIS teaching that made sense in my everyday life.

What I wanted to do? I wanted to read the very first book written about the High Almighty. The one that is supposed to be hidden in Vatican and no one else is allowed to see or touch. Why are they hiding it? I think the real words of Yahweh are there and those so called working for him is somehow not teaching us the truth. Why are we not allowed to study the stars? And why after all these years, Pluto is removed as a planet? What are they hiding from us? And lastly, why are the most religious people are most likely the one not following the teaching? Do they think that since they are doing what the leader of the church is asking that they are free to all sins?

Think about it people.

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