Thursday, January 7, 2010

Music Class

My husband and I are still looking for free piano that we can have for our children music class and piano lessons. There are so many out there, but we are not fast enough to grab one. Plus it is very hard to find someone to help my husband moving it from the owners' house to our house. He has to call around for help first, most of the time he can't find someone to help him. And even if someone said yes, by the time he gets back to the giver the piano is gone.

I think with perseverance, we will land one soon. We already have someone that can come to our house to teach our children piano lessons. All we have to do is find a piano. This will be an extra-curricular for them. And yes, the hours will be added to their school. And the man who will teach them had been teaching music and playing instruments for a long time. And the best part is, he does not charge a lot.
Piano Lessons
We can also supplement some materials for this piano lessons online. There is plenty to choose from. My children may not grow up to be popular in this field, who knows, but learning to play a music instrument will remain with them forever. And when they all grown up and done with school, I can teach myself how to play the piano by watching easy to follow piano lessons in my CD ROM.

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