Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Covered Faces

It is getting more and more that our so called civilian protectors covering their faces when arresting or (so called) while keeping the peace. First of all, they don't work to protect us. They are hired privately to collect money to anyone whom they say are breaking the law. And whose laws are we talking about?

No one protect the civilians' rights anymore. It seems that our world is turned upside down. The so called people that are supposed to protect us while we pay them with our money are here to turn us in because we are labelled to be the terrorist of our own country.

How great is it to live in the country that is run buy people who swore to protect its citizens? Isn't it great to be Americans to vote for these people? The land of rich people who can turn most politician into puppets, just by showing them the greens.

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