Friday, December 31, 2010

That Time of Year Again

Spring's cleaning is what I have in mind, and we will need to find residential carpet cleaner Austin in our area. We put carpeting on our floor when we started having children for comfort. Now, we don't think it was a good idea and wished we put in a hard wood floor instead. I don't think our carpet will stay nice and clean without rug & upholstery cleaning Austin. We can see the difference after it dried. Very close to normal, however, I don't mind if it's not like new, as long as it is clean and fluffy again, I am happy.

We had one year, that everyone got sick right after the other, and there was a lot of vomiting going on. We could not stand the spots and smell, while everyone is getting better, we shopped around for rug cleaning prices Austin. Furthermore, when we all got the viruses, we air out the house, and the cleaner came in cleaned and deodorized our carpets. Having clean carpets after the events sure feel nice. We will probably change it to a hard wood floor eventually, but for now we have to deal with the carpets. Walking on carpeting on winter months is much better than the hard wood floor. However, having pets with pleas is not so great.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Day

He was an enemy of the state prior to even being born. After his birth the homicidal agents of the state forced his family, to take the newborn child, and flee their country. Thirty-three years later the occupying imperial authority, and their local stooges, in a show trial, summarily found the young man guilty of treason and blasphemy, and executed him as an example to the sheeple (people who act like sheep).

The birth of Jesus Christ was the single most important political event in history—from that birth statism would receive its first defeat. When Jesus said render onto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s –-it is said that the people marveled. They were astounded because it was a revolutionary idea. Separation of the powers and authority of the state, from that of god, meant that the authority and power of imperial Rome, or any other state, was limited and secondary.

The concept of Western Liberty was thus born—the claim of the state to be man's savior was denied. For that act of treason (and it was treasonous) the State murdered Jesus, and declared war on his criminal followers.

Regardless of their personal religious feelings about the metaphysical nature of Jesus of Nazareth—all lovers of liberty should enthusiastically celebrate the day of his birth—for it is also a celebration of the birth of liberty.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's A Wonderful Life, A Touching Christmas Classic

Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

Many people during the holidays are alone or in financial despair, especially lately, in these rough economic times. My family and I have shared our experiences with this as well, once upon a time, but now consider ourselves very lucky, for we will always have each other, no matter what happens. Many of the Christmas specials we watch together during the holidays include movies that remind us that we weren't alone during all of our rough times and to keep hope during the holidays, as life will get better eventually.

Our favorite Christmas special to watch together during the holidays is, It's A Wonderful Life. This black and white Christmas classic, can rarely ever be found airing on stations during any time except for the holiday season but whenever we see it on our Satellite TV, it's always the first thing we watch. My family and I, love this heart wrenching story of a man with nothing left, and is ready to give up on life. But a guardian angel comes from heaven to show him how much the world would suffer, if he had never been alive at all. In the end he comes to realize that life may be hard, but having people around that love him is worth staying strong through the hard times and things will get better some day.It's A Wonderful Life is a great classic Christmas special to watch with all of your family members this holiday season.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Family Snow Day

Thanks for the article from Robin Woodard

We just received our first snow of the winter yesterday and were amazed by how many inches we got! Usually the first snow will only bring two or three inches, but this year we ended up with seven inches. This afternoon, my three kids and I will be going outside to play and build snowmen.

My youngest son is already talking about organizing a big snowball fight -- which unfortunately, I'm pretty sure to lose. I might have better luck organizing the construction of a big fort that the others can hide in. The snowball fights have never been my strong point. I do love to help them make snowmen though. We usually love to build a whole snow family. We'll build a really tall one that looks like their dad, a shorter one that looks like me, and then three smaller snow people that look like the kids. After we're done, we dress them up with old scarves and hats, carrots for noses, and find some branches for their arms.

After we're done playing outside, we'll be going back inside to enjoy the big spaghetti dinner that my husband is making tonight. We're really excited to sit down and watch some Christmas specials on directtv during dinner. We'll also enjoy our shows with some homemade hot chocolate, cookies, and of course, cozy blankets.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Not Feeling Festive

This is actually the very first year that I don't like celebrating this season. I had it up to wazoo with everything around me. Government not governing but controlling. Corporations being run by the government. Everything is made in China. You can't do this, you can't do that, because people get hurt and someone got sued.

Printing paper money back with air. Is that mean I can print my own and back with nothing too? Why not? Federal reserve bailing all the corporations and government agencies, then the government keep on taxing the hard working people of this country for what?

So that the king and queen can keep their lifestyle. We are under them again, all these taxes, registrations, licenses, passports, fines, everything an individual needs to do these days are being tax. They might not call it tax, but what else you call it. Forcing someone to pay something because they need to? yeah...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This guest post from Arlene Guthrie

This year I was having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit, thinking of using the same old decorations. I always wanted one of those really old fashioned Christmas trees for the holidays. One day I was watching satellite television and they had a tool for making those huge bows. I ordered it. It was easy to work and I made some really beautiful satin ribbon bows. I had my husband put up our artificial tree and string the lights. Well, he has to do something, doesn't he? The tree is starting to get pretty old. It is molting fake pine needles all over the carpet. I'm guessing next year we'll have to purchase a new one. Maybe we will find one on sale right after Christmas. If not, I may just get one from that shopping channel. But, I digress.

Before I put the red satin bows on the tree, I strung popcorn and cranberries. I added some strings of white beads, which I already had. Then, I put on the bows. Finally, I added all different types of ornaments and some small red bulbs.. It came out beautiful. I was finally in the Christmas spirit. When I finished decorating, I went back to watch Christmas movies on satellite television from

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Well, not really a uniform because they have different colors and styles now. I am talking about medical uniforms. It used to be uniform, but now I call it style-less. Let me tell you a story that happened not too long ago. It's not strange to everyone, I have four children and when one get sick the others follow. I spent a lot of time in the doctors' office getting them checked when they are sick. More before than now, because they were in public school.

Anyway, one of the nurses was wearing a very thin medical scrub set, and everyone can see through it. It can easily be bypassed if she was wearing a skin color underwear but that was not the case.

So, may I suggest when picking a discount scrubs uniform, go with thicker fabric? Hospitals and doctors offices are usually cooler, why wear something provocative and see through. I just don't understand it. Unless with all the tending and running they do, makes them sweat a lot, but still not a nice view for me. On the other hand, maybe it was the only one left, and you don't have any choice but to put it on. I think it's time to upgrade when that happens.

Pumpkin Eggnog for Granny

Thanks for the post from Nora Mccoy

Sometime in early November, my favorite drink goes in the dairy case till after Christmas. Pumpkin eggnog is just something I have to have. It almost tastes like the mixture for a pumpkin pie only thinner. I just swallow each sip slowly savoring the taste till the glass is empty.

There is nothing else that tastes like it. It tastes just like real pumpkin. Sad to say it is hard to keep in my fridge though. You see my husband loves it and so do two of my grandchildren. It is purchased at least 3 times a week around my house. I guess it really gets to this grandma when the day is done. The grandkids are in bed. The house is quiet and I have a good book waiting. I go to the fridge expecting to find a glass of pumpkin eggnog and the very last drop is gone. Poof! Nobody told me. I sit down to read knowing it will be tomorrow before I can replenish my supply. Nobody thinks of Grandma.

Well I guess I can go to bed and dream about the first commercial of the season for eggnog. Maybe in my dream I can be one of the actors in the commercial and it will make me think in my sleep that I had a glass of the delicious concoction. Thank goodness for commercials and my satellite tv from Maybe I can make it till I get to the supermarket tomorrow and stock up.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Great Job for Perverts

I bet you they are lining up to get a job at the airports right now. As part of the PATRIOTIC ACT, airport TSA are allowed to feel every inch of you. And for those you enjoyed being search this way, get a life. It does not means when you are enjoying that everyone in this world feel the same as you do.

And from what I heard, even babies get search? What perverts! I think the government is running out of puppets, even the sick people get the job they enjoy.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Sheep's of This Country

This one was forwarded to me and I like to share how people will allow anything that is thrown at them. No one even questioned anything. I saw a young man looking at it, but that was it. I think he is more awake than other sheep's in this world.

People Watching Plus from Rune Madsen on Vimeo

A well trained puppets of the government.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gets Me Every Time

Guest post written by Jinny Billings

There are certain movies that when you watch them when you're smaller you think that they're absolutely terrifying but then they're not scary at all when you're older. Well, it seems like the opposite happens to me. I don't know how I did it but I somehow used to catch all these really scary movies on TV when I was younger and them not bother me. Now most of them do.

I was online the other day with my DIRECT TV internet and looking for a scary movie to put in my Netflix line up so that I could watch it around Halloween. I thought that a good trusty movie would be to pick out a Stephen King movie, well one based on one of his books.

The suggestion for that that I decided on was Pet Cemetery. I hadn't seen it in a long time and wanted to see if it was still as scary. Well, it sure is. I hate to admit it, but I even had a nightmare after I watched it again.

Friday, November 5, 2010

You Can't Complain If You *Did* Vote

This one was forwarded to me and I do like the way this person think.

One of the most common sayings among statists and government people is "you can't complain if you didn't vote."

The idea is, if you didn't try to influence the machinery of the state, then you have no right to complain about what the machinery of the state does to you against your will.

The idea is, of course, laughable on it's face.

As with all statist memes, the reality is the opposite. You can't complain if you *did* vote!

Why? Because, *gasp* you voted for it!

By taking part in the state's voting ritual, you affirm the legitimacy of the system, you tell the government how you want the state's machinery to run, you say how you want to force people to live.

By not voting, you are voicing your displeasure with the system, you are showing it has no validity in your life, you're showing it's irrelevant and the system is an illegitimate fraud.

The biggest constituency in America is not republicans or democrats, the biggest constituency is non-voters! Whether it be because they don't care, don't have the time, don't think their vote counts for jack squat, or think voting is inherently immoral because it involves telling strangers how to live, the non-voter is the largest voter! They're voting not to take part in the state's charade!

Certainly an argument could be made, "I don't want the state to rob from me etc., so therefor I try to minimize it's damages."

That's all fine and dandy, but for the average voter, I think it's likely they go in the booth with the intent of trying to tell other people how to live. Of course, they get the oppressive nanny state they ask for, and when it comes to burn them, all the sudden they start to complain. Not enough to actually question the system, just enough to go back next election and vote for some other clown who tells them everything they want to hear and talks to them like an idiot. While I would never actually say they "can't complain if they did vote," the fact of the matter is, if anyone has any less of a right to complain, it's voters, not non-voters. You don't grant someone the right to rule over you and then complain because they don't do everything you want, that they would act in their own best interests, and not yours, is to be expected. If you only did the same, we wouldn't be in this horrible mess.

I did not vote in this election out of principle, previously I never voted because I just didn't care, the reality is the same regardless. I do not grant the system any authority, nor do I grant the goon-squad government any legitimacy. The state is a gang of robbers and thieves writ large, they have absolutely no right to tell anyone else how to live, they have absolutely no right to expropriate their neighbors wealth, and they have absolutely no right to threaten their neighbors with guns if they don't comply with their arbitrary dictates. That a group of strangers voted for them to do it changes nothing.

Well, actually I have an idea who wrote this, but that is for me to know and I hope you start questioning where you (the readers) stand.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No One Deserve My Vote

Yes, we all know that every citizen of this country is a slave, and I am one of them. Shame I did not know what I know now when I asked the government to turn me into an USA citizen. If I have known, I can say, "SUCKER," for voting yesterday. And no, I did not vote. I have some people whom I wanted to "write in" in the ballot but how they can win, when I am the only one or two (DH) that voted for this person.

I was even thinking writing in my name on all the spaces, even DH agrees. Anyway, I didn't because I'm supposed to be in court today as a juror. I got out of it, because whatever, they are going to pay me, is not even enough to hire someone to watch my children and teach them all day. Well, that is if the hearing only lasted a day. However, from what I read, it is for prison guard who got caught having sex with female inmates. The prison is about 3 minutes drive from my house.

I'm sorry, but I am trying to get out of a corporation. And serving as a juror, is being a part of this judicial corporation. If I don't have any children, and single, I would do it. However, there are other people who will get affected if I decided this man is not guilty. There is the other side of the story, which I don't know. What DH told me, everyone is innocence until proven guilty. And I know how hard the plaintiff work to prove the other side guilty, and I don't want to be part of it.

Golden Rule people, if this man follows the golden rule, he should not be in this situation. Again, like I said, I don't know the other side of the story.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Music Monday

Home by Daughtry, I know there are a lot of version out there, however, I like this one. Enjoy.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Molested @ One Day Old

Where do they get this kind of people who decide that they are more qualify to be a parent than the infant's parents?

Have you heard the case in Rhode Island? They charge the parents of molesting a new born baby. WHAT!!! Just because the parents refuses to get a birth certificate for their new born. From what I know, this is a free country and people have unalienable rights, AM I CORRECT or THIS PEOPLE ARE EXTENDING THEIR SO CALLED AUTHORITY OVER OTHER HUMAN BEING? WHEN IS THAT ALLOWED?

Now the new born will never know his/her real parents and the whole family is broken because of this. ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Social services SUCKS!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Too Many Excuses

Most people have too much excuses on why our government do the things they do. If every individual stop making all of these excuses, each one will see the real thing. That the government should abide all lawful laws, and they are under these lawful laws as much as the citizens are.

Many will argue that in the perfect world, "yes," but in this society it will be highly unlikely.

These are more likely from the people who don't want to step out of their comfort zone. They rather follow every statutes, rules, regulations to not step out that comfort zone. Meaning, they are giving out all their human rights. I DON'T, AND I HAVE ENOUGH OF IT.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Twisted Minds

Unalienable rights belong to every human in this world. People think about other race as a toy to pursue their unalienable rights. I think they have twisted minds and needed the help of professionals.

How can you justify the means?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Music Monday (Blow Me Away)

Blow me away by Breaking Benjamin. I like the part with "only the strongest survive."

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Going Fishing at the Lake

Thanks for the article from Graham Burton

My dad and I go out fishing about once a week. I think that's part of the benefit of living pretty close to a lake. We have been doing this since I was about twelve. We get up really early, pack up all the gear and set the Adt monitoring center. Sometimes, the sun isn't even up when we get to the lake. It is so quiet out there and we don't even have to talk very much to have a good time.

We don't always catch something, but it is never a waste to go. Spending time with my dad has become more important the older I get. Just having something in common and hanging out enjoyable. Of course, the trips aren't always uneventful. The last time we went, the boat capsized and we both headed overboard. Needless to say, the fish certainly weren't biting much after that. But, we had a good laugh together and ended up coming home soaking wet. At least we salvaged most of the bait and none of the poles were lost. We did however lose at least one of the fishing hats my dad keeps tucked inside his tackle box. I wasn't too worried. He still has three others.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Music Monday

My family is thinking if fighting for freedom has an end. It is tiring when we constantly have to fight until to our last breath. I hope this movie have some sort of meaning...that eventually we can be free again...but the question is...WHEN?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Love the History Channel

I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez

The History Channel has to be one of my favorite educational channels to watch on directtv. There are so many different interesting shows to watch. These shows are not only educational, but also very entertaining. I remember watching some of these documentaries in school, and was not that interested in them. Now I can sit for hours just watching the History Channel. I feel much more educated after I watch the programs this channel has to offer. One of my favorite shows is Modern Marvels. This show goes into detail on how things work. From aircraft carriers to the first wheels, this show covers it all. You can find out how the simplest to the most complex things came to play.

Another great show is Chasing Mummies. Since my husband is from Egypt and I always had a love for this country and its history, this show really amazes me. Going deep inside the pyramids and discovering hidden treasures from decades ago is so enticing and really keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you are looking for a channel that educates and entertains, I highly suggest the History Channel.

Pursuing Freedom Is Not a Crime

I was talking to one of my social network friends about where I stand about the government, and it turns out (in her opinion) that I am rebellious towards my own government. She basically don't know where she stand about her freedom in my opinion.

She does not live in the same country, but I came from and born the country where she reside. She is the kind of person that I call neo-whatever. She likes it when she benefited on something but refuses to work for it, just like most Americans are.

Pursuing freedom is rebellion towards my government the way she put it. Ahh, you mean I am rebelling towards my own government, the government I put in power...that is interesting. NO! I am being sarcastic here...geez, you can see how people are brain wash these days.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


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When you are married to a Filipino all of sudden you are starting to ask everyone who looks like one, if they are from the Philippines. My husband start noticing it because he wanted me to have friends from my country. Sad to say but I never wanted to meet any. I don't like it when they say that they are from the capital of the country. I am from the same country, you can tell me what province you came from. I study the country's geography, thank you very much.

My husband met a lot of them, and he found out that most of them are nurses, and he asked me why I'm not a nurse. Well, I am the exception to the rule, and I wanted to be different. I don't want to wear medical scrubs for the rest of my life. There is nothing wrong with it, the job is not for me. At this point, of my life and from what is happening around me, I wanted to be a surgical doctor. I can probably get a free tuition, but my time is limited as it is.

No, I don't want to practice and get paid a lot of money for it, I wanted to use it when needed. I will enjoy buying scrubs online to save time. I use to buy most of my business attire online when I was still working. Furthermore, scrubs store is not hard to find. I used to wear a button down, 3/4 sleeves with slit on the side shirt, no pockets and when I visited dental or medical office they thought I was like them. I am not trying to impersonate anyone, but it was the trend those days.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On Cars and Trucks

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A few years back my sister called me up while she was on her way to California. They were base (military) in Oklahoma that time. She is something, when she can't find anyone else to talk with she calls me up and brags about something. Anyway, she mentioned that she broke down and using Dallas auto repair and she was bored and called me up. That make sense, she was bored and who she called, her younger sister. I wish she can call just to say hello and ask how we are doing.

I got mad at her at one point and sent her an April poll's email. I told her that my husband got a new loaded Chevloret Silverado, and I got myself a LX10. She just said, "oh good for you," and she didn't even scroll down to the bottom of page to see if I have really gotten one. I am not materialistic as she is. Sometimes it makes me wonder if we came from the same parents.

However, I settled for a mini-van (Kia) to fit my whole family. We just did a brake job on it not too long ago. And the best part is, it is already paid for. We don't have any vehicle payments anymore, and my sister in another hand gotten a new Lexus sedan not too long ago. I am pretty sure she did not pay cash for it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just Like The US Government

After the allowable time, ENTRECARD did not even get back to me on what they are talking about, the "INVALID" message that someone complained about. They probably realized that it was a glitch on their script when someone is dropping "TOO FAST" and me as a user does not deserve an explanation, just like the government of this country.

The constitution was written to protect the sovereign citizens of this country but since WE given it too much power, now they think THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW AND IT DOES NOT APPLY TO THEM. We created a monster and they needed to pay for their crime.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Who Is The Idiot

First, I don't have any control on how you drop (stupid) entrecard in my blog? I usually get the invalid message when I click the widget too fast or in the wrong way. Second, I am not a HTML savvy that can do something about on how you (idiot) drop card into this scripted entrecard widget.

If I don't want your ad showing in my widget, that is my decision and you have NO say about it. You don't like the way I do it, stop visiting and dropping here. I own this, if there are ads here you don't like, just look away and continue on with your business. I don't need people like you who makes trouble for someone just because you don't agree with my content.

You are the kind of people making this country as socialist as can be and run down the ground by your so called politician, who are supposed to be working on your side to make legislation and the man made LAWS. Guess what, those man made LAWS are not the LAW of the LAND. The law of the land is the Golden Rule. Yeah, whatever...that maybe your law, NOT MY MINE AND PEOPLE LIKE ME.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Laredo Texas

You will not hear much about this, but from what I heard in my radio station that Mexicans have taken some ranches in Laredo Texas. Act of war against the American from what I understand it. However, why is the government is not doing about it? They only warned the American people to stay away from the area.

Mind you, our military are all over the world fighting the so called terrorist (in foreign country?). They should be fighting the terrorist in this country. You know what I mean, the terrorist are setting in Washington DC and everyone who voted yes for all the statutes, legislation, rules, and what they call laws. I only recognize the common laws people. A made up laws by these people are not the real laws.

Anyway, let's get back to Texas. Albeit that the people of Washington DC will come up of yet, another legislation against what is happening in Laredo. And I bet more or our human rights will be taken away for this legislation that they will come up with.

From what I understand there are 8...I said 8 things the government supposed to be doing and 1 of those 8 is to act on those who are trying to invade the American soil...NOT HEALTH CARE, NOT MEDDLING IN PEOPLE LIVES, NOT MAKING BULLSHIT LAWS. Do you see the pattern here? All the things they are suppose to be doing, they are not doing squat about it. And all the things they should stay away from, they are making it their business because there are money and power involve. Isn't the USA corporation great...(sarcastically).

Another example of why we should not have a big government. Get the picture, open your eyes and see the reality around you.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Whoever own a bumper stickers that reads, "Guns cause crimes as flies cause garbage". Are you a dim-wit no brain individual? This is like saying, "pencils writes misspelled words".

What the hell are they thinking making this kind of stickers? And the car owner is an idiot for buying and displaying it. How many times do I have to say, "that I grew up with guns and not once I accidentally shoot someone". Stupid people!

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Story to Read

I heard this story from the radio station that we follow in our household. Written by Raymond K. Paden and was released in 2005. The title is " SUNRISE AT COFFIN ROCK". A good read and most of us came from the same mentality. And later on finding out that everything we have heard before are all true.

This is a very sad story, because he lost a family member when he believed the so called authorities. At least in the end he woke up and realize the truth about our government. I can't actually post it here because of the copywrite. Just type in the title and the search will take you there.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My RIGHTS Exercised

It wasn't a very good day for DH to forget his phone at home. Or is it good that he forgot it at home?

It's no surprised about my blog followers that I also have a vegetable garden in my backyard. Late last year we started recycling our food scraps (no meat) and adding them into our garden. Do you know how stinky those things are? Yes, if the wind is blowing your direction you will smell it, no doubt.

And of course our one neighbor that I talk about in some of my blogs that we love so much (sarcastic)? I hate him so much today, there is nothing more hateful than I feel right now. He called our township sewer police to check the stinky smell. WHY CAN'T THEY KNOCK IN OUR DOOR AND ASK? Because he knows that we hate everything about him, and I think he is scared.

I told the sewer police that you cannot go back there because my husband is not home. I tried calling him but I heard the phone ringing inside the house. This sewer police keeps on telling me that HE got the rights to inspect in our backyard, that it is the LAW (don't get me started with the LAW). If I don't trust him why not call the phone on his calling card that he handed to me, when he introduced himself. I told him I believe you...but you are not going back there. Then he said, "it will only take less than a minute, I wanted to inspect it to see what was the problem so that we can fix it"...or I should get a warrant, and you have to pay some $500 fine". I just keep telling him NO.

He said that he still needed to do some errands, I told him come back later when my husband is home. He left and drove to my good neighbor house and trying to look in our backyard. He saw me came out to the backyard and walk to his truck and drove to my tattle tale hated neighbor house. The next thing I saw was him with my jerk neighbor are walking away from our property line. MY RIGHTS EXERCISED AND HE RESPECTED MY AUTHORITY FOR SAYING NO.

It feels good, but I was in the wreak until DH got home. There were so many things going in my head, and I was alert as ever. I kept on the four corner of our property and making sure no one was spying around. WE need a fence, I wanted the ugliest one that I can put between our property, I want to make sure that is not see-through. Then, I will put all of my waste food right next to their property. I AM SO FREAKING MAD!!! Why are people so freaking mean and wants everything according to their liking, and if it doesn't, they will ask and cry to congress to legislate everything? BY THE FREAKING WAY, I am allowed to do what I am doing with my food scraps. They have not legislated that yet in my area...when they do...I will find a boondock where there are no neighbors to complain about what I am doing in MY OWN PROPERTY!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eugenics At It's Best

He was speaking at Uganda in this recorded video. Is he telling the people over there that they should slow down and not multiply. No wonder he only have 1 or is it 2 kids. Selective breeding folks, if you don't have the royal blood on you, you are gone in this world and they wanted your kind wiped out!

Bill Gates Wants Population Control

Go ahead and take every vaccine available out there and say goodbye to your own race and your heritage. This is the same reason why we have all these birth defects out there. You take everything that is supposed to make you healthy but NO. How blind can this people be? Maybe it's for the best, since you don't know any better. And all the people you are awake and don't want to take this crap will survive. Be stupid in another life.

Monday, June 14, 2010

My English Degree Online

Thanks to my friend Natalie Whitmore for the guest entry.

While working toward my BS degree in English I took several different hughes satellite online classes. My degree is in Language Arts and Secondary Education so most of my classes were aimed toward literature or education. I specifically recall one education class I took online which was great.

The great thing about the class was that I could do the work and take the tests on my own time. The class ran on a message board so there weren't a lot of specified times that we had to meet as a group. The freedom was really amazing. Assignments were given on Monday, the were due by Friday. The tests were usually due by Monday but they were place on the board by Friday. This way you could take the test whenever you felt like you had studied enough. You could take a test anytime but once you started it, you had to finish it.

At the time that I was taking online classes my husband and I were living in a small rural cottage. We had satellite internet, because there was no cable provider in the area. My work schedule was chaotic at the time so it was great to be able to sit down whenever I wanted to and do my work. The class was a little bit more expensive than my on campus classes but it saved me a fortune in gas. I am not working on a master's degree entirely on internet via satellite!

How Can You Do It

We only have the lower channels in our TV, and we hardly watch any of the shows there. It was cheaper to have the basic with high speed internet. We got tired of watching movies one day and put it to our local channel.

Someone was charged of starving their 11 month old kid to death. My question is, how do you actually starve the kid to death then run her to the hospital? First, you will have a screaming kid at home because she is hungry...isn't it? And why did the parents went to the hospital knowing they will get caught by doing so. It just doesn't make sense. If the parents did not care for the kid, why bother bringing her to the hospital?

What I think was, something is really wrong with the kid and died on the table and blame the parents for what happened, to cover their behind. Hey, that is my opinion, get your own. I know there are sick people out ther

Monday, May 31, 2010

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

We attended a picnic with our fellow freedom seekers and most of them does not even know the truth about 911. They do not understand the difference between a corporation, private or government. They always talk about the government should do this and that. Oh, please are you kidding me! This is the reason why the group was formed and the first place, and you want them to do everything for you? In what cause? So that they can take away your GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.


Our nation’s forefathers declared that the government of the United States of America was instituted to secure certain unalienable rights bestowed on us by our Creator. At the present juncture, these rights are under widespread and unrelenting attack as a consequence of the denial of God throughout society and the abandonment of public life by most Christians. To restore the fullest expression of these rights in society and in our public institutions is therefore a critical duty for all Christian citizens of our nation.

Our effectiveness in this restoration rests first and foremost on the recognition of the sovereignty of God the Creator. The concept of inalienable rights may be traced through Samual Adams, John Locke, and others, to an origin in Holy Scripture. God has created us and we are His. In Jesus Christ is life and life abundantly; He has given us true and complete freedom, and the deepest happiness flows from His salvation and His providence. Our inalienable rights, therefore, are founded upon God. Our declaration, in this year 1984 and in all years, must be positive and joyful, that through acknowledging God and observing His Word, all the people of the nation may enjoy true life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We must proclaim these truths in the critical places of society and government where a choking of rights threatens whole portions of present and future society. The threats are severe against religious liberty, educational liberty, and family unity, and are frequently delivered by misapplication of government. All freedom–loving people must acquire an understanding of God’s divine order for society, as full as the understanding of God’s order for internal church government. Then, we may help restore the fullness of our inalienable rights according to the divine pattern, which has the blessing of God. No critical institution in our society can be ignored in this restoration.

It was said that this is our unalienable right that the government cannot take away from us. Then someone chimed in and said "the Pursuit of happiness" can be taken to the wrong way". When you are starting to alienate the others unalienable rights you are no better that the government. It can be interpret only when you are not hurting anyone. Once you do you are over stepping your boundary.

Every human being has the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, as long as you are not hurting anyone. Period. Bring this asshole in our government to trial because they are selling/sold out this rights of ours without us knowing.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Is it made to make the decision for you? To endorse a person, and do everything on their power (including cheating) for this person to win. What happen to research everything about a candidate and then made up your mind after doing so. Watching TV and to listen what the media are saying about the certain candidate is not the wisest deciding point.

I did vote this past Tuesday because I will not vote for the lesser evil. If they voted in the past to things I don't agree with they don't deserve my vote. As for me, people who run this country and giving away my human rights does deserve anything from me. My vote is too valuable, and if they want it bad enough they will abide the constitution or follow the supreme law of the land.

GOP runs the politics in this country. They decide who will win and do the job for them, the way this country will be run to their (the rich) advantages. You don't agree, do your own research on how the government is being run. The president is only the topping and the rest are just icing.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Big Apple

Sent in by my friend, Kelly Sanders

It is unfair to the residents of this once great city that they must endure the creeping growth in violent crime. Women are becoming the object of gangs of illegal immigrants." The criminals know that they will be treated with "kid gloves" and prey on these women. This is not a condemnation of one group or another, because in a particular Asian area of northeast Queens, young Asian women are suffering attacks by violent Asian gangs.

The subway is a nightmare with fewer police officers who are out looking for terrorists. This is blatantly unfair to the female passengers who must work to make ends meet in this expensive city.

There is no reason that on a weekly basis, these hard-working women are being followed home and attacked in their apartments. In empty subway cars and in filthy subway bathrooms they are also being stalked. The situation has reached such a state that extra locks, dogs and alarms through ADT New York are some of the only means to protect against intruders. The assault and robbery of these women must stop.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Just an Update

My body and mind can't take it anymore, and I got sick. Here is a song from Jordan Page entitled Listen.

What will you do if a foreign military came to your country and started bombing and killing people? Will you not retaliate? Will you not do everything in your power to get back at them in any ways? Americans are playing god (or is it dog) across the globe and I am sick of it.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Who The Hell Is He

Who the hell is Tim Potts trying to change my state constitution? No one has any authority over me. Human being only have authority over plants and you know that...of course you don't. I don't care what his title and who he is, he does not have a right to do so and give away my rights. He spoke to the League of Women Voters on Saturday in my local library. Who is he the son, or let me re-phrase that and make it the great-great-great grandson of Satan?

Why can’t we tell the politicians to follow the state constitution first, before changing anything. His mentality is like the twin of our so called president. He is "supposed to be a president" but he is not. President works for the people not the people working for the president.

Satan's and related to him are coming out right now. They have a poll about it in my local newspaper and 71% of the people who voted wanted to change the state constitution. Kiss my open carry, DON'T ASK POLICY GOODBYE. Where are these people being brainwash from? I would like to know and give them a piece of mind.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How Many More

Calamity/disasters before people realize that what's going on is not all about the mother nature. I would like to come back later in life and shove everything on those people throats and say " I told you so".

I think the people in Alaska are working at overtime for all the things happening right now. You don't think so? that is your opinion and I have mine.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rallies Across the Country

Come out and support many organizations protesting tomorrow. Yes, tax day and most of the people that will be doing the rallies are fighting for something what they believe. Taxation is unconstitutional and the government should not tax its citizens to death.

I believe taxes for the roads are doable, but not for every little thing around us. I also don't believe about school tax and others. I can teach my children at home without it. The control belongs to the family about education, not from the government.

Support us tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Homegrown Terrorist, I Think Not

Yes, it was all over the news. They are patting each other's back by taking them from a funeral. They even triple their number just to pick 7 people who are paying respect to their friend.

Militia is not the bad one here. Even the constitutions stated that a militia can be form when they think the government is under attack, and it has been, since they stop following our constitution and simply rule over the citizens of this country.

Did you know that these people got arrested without knowing what the charges are? Of course you don't because the only source of news you listen to is the main stream media, who works against everyone you are trying to expose how corrupt is our officials? Yes, the law enforcement, ATF, FBI and other privately maintain forces can, and will arrest a citizen without showing why you are getting arrested. Welcome to the US of Hell.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Just Half The Truth

Here is the link of what I am talking about. The main stream media are saying that some group that is a threat to our national security (more like the threat to them) are telling the governors to step down within 3 days after receiving the so called letter. What they didn't say is that if the governors do not comply to the constitution that they only have 3 days before stepping or giving up their seats. Funny how the mainstream media have their own version.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Music Monday *Truth Be Told*

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Music Monday *And Justice for All*

Here is the Lyrics

Halls of Justice Painted Green
Money Talking
Power Wolves Beset Your Door
Hear Them Stalking
Soon You'll Please Their Appetite
They Devour
Hammer of Justice Crushes You

The Ultimate in Vanity
Exploiting Their Supremacy
I Can't Believe the Things You Say
I Can't Believe
I Can't Believe the Price You Pay
Nothing Can Save You

Justice Is Lost
Justice Is Raped
Justice Is Gone
Pulling Your Strings
Justice Is Done
Seeking No Truth
Winning Is All
Find it So Grim
So True
So Real

Apathy Their Stepping Stone
So Unfeeling
Hidden Deep Animosity
So Deceiving
Through Your Eyes Their Light Burns
Hoping to Find
Inquisition Sinking You
With Prying Minds

The Ultimate in Vanity
Exploiting Their Supremacy
I Can't Believe the Things You Say
I Can't Believe
I Can't Believe the Price You Pay
Nothing Can Save You

Justice Is Lost
Justice Is Raped
Justice Is Gone
Pulling Your Strings
Justice Is Done
Seeking No Truth
Winning Is All
Find it So Grim
So True
So Real

Lady Justice Has Been Raped
Truth Assassin
Rolls of Red Tape Seal Your Lips
Now You're Done in
Their Money Tips Her Scales Again
Make Your Deal
Just What Is Truth? I Cannot Tell
Cannot Feel

The Ultimate in Vanity
Exploiting Their Supremacy
I Can't Believe the Things You Say
I Can't Believe
I Can't Believe the Price We Pay
Nothing Can Save Us

Justice Is Lost
Justice Is Raped
Justice Is Gone
Pulling Your Strings
Justice Is Done
Seeking No Truth
Winning Is All
Find it So Grim
So True
So Real

Seeking No Truth
Winning Is All
Find it So Grim
So True
So Real

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hate Groups or Hated Groups?

I do not believe that there are any hate groups out there. Why? Because who actually named these hate groups? Isn't the people who are not into these groups, named it? I don't think I will name my group who caters to a specific people "hate group". They have a certain way in believing with things. It doesn't mean that they hate others who are not in their group.

With that said, I am inviting people who are into open carry at Harrisburg on Sunday. Show your support and become one of us who believe in freedom. I know others who are against open carry will be there too to protest it. If you are for guns come and support us.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Music Monday *Eye of Beholder*

Another one from Metallica. Please read the lyrics carefully. They a knowledge of what is really going on in our country.

Lyrics | Metallica Lyrics | Eye Of The Beholder Lyrics

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pieces of Truth

Yes, this man was really into it. He tries to educate a lot of us on the early years in the 90's. They got a hold of him, and they got into him. I would guess that he got a lot to protect and simply gave up what he believes his whole life. These are the consequences I am talking about. He spent a little less than 2 years inside. I still admired this kind of people. He came, and fought but it was not enough. They brought him down and he was scared to fight back. He came out like a lamb. That is why you need to play your cards carefully. Make sure they cannot get you for anything. You cannot work under any of their codes, statutes and so on. You need to work as a free man (mankind), as a sovereign human being.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10

Monday, March 8, 2010

Music Monday *Don't Tread on Me*

This is sung by Metallicca. Another band who knows what is really going on in our country. Along with Megadeth, a lot of people are die hard followers of this group. I know my ex-brother in law was and will always be. However, he still thinks that we should wipe out the group who supposed bombed our country on 911 (they are paid people). Come on people, just open your eyes and see what is really happening. Understand and comprehend what they are saying in a new level. This is not just lyrics, they are not hate lyrics either. These are lyrics to wake you up, and please understand/comprehend it very carefully. Differentiate authority and power. No one has authority over anyone. They have power of force over anyone. Ignore the power...yes there are consequences, I don't deny it. We have the authority. Exercise your authority and the power will disappear.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

EntreCard Network

Did you read the entrecard latest buzz in your dashboard (entrecard users)? On March 31 you are only allowed to have 100K ec credits in your account. If you have multiple accounts, and they are linked together, you better bring your ec credit down. From what I understand the multiple link accounts should also total under 100K. I have more than 200K ec credits right now, and I am trying to separate the accounts.

I have not received any answer as of yet. From what I heard, they take forever to reply about anything. Hopefully, by separating my account, I will be able to keep most of my credits and buy ads from it. Right now, I got so much ads running, and I am trying to bring the credit down. So, I can't separate my account, before the end of the month I am willing to give away some.

My email is in the lower part of this blog, just send me your information, and I will send you some credits to bring my total under 100K. That is, if they don't get back to me about separating my accounts.

This also a really great economic lesson on how is our economy keep on going downhill. The federal reserve just keep on printing fiat money (not back-up with silver or gold), they become worthless after a while because there are so many around. The same thing with ec credit. It is a virtual credit. They used to sell 1000ec credit for $5 when I join, now you can't hardly get rid of it. No one wants it, and some even willing to sell them for $.88 per 1000. They legislate how to sell it, now look what is happening.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Music Monday *The More I Look Inside*

I always love this song, this song is dedicated to my DH who never think of himself. The who cares about the country and the rights of the people who are trying very hard to be free of the corporate America. And this song also goes out to those who are teaching other people what is wrong with this country and how to be free. I may not name all of you but I know you are out there doing everything that you can. I salute all of you.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wake-Up People

You must be willing to give up a lot to claim freedom and a lot more to become sovereign in this country. Are you ready or will you keep burying your head in the sand?

Part 1
Part 2 the orchestration of the never ending war in terror.

And below is the part 3 about the banking system. Educate yourselves people. I know there are so many of you out there burying your heads in the sand. That will only work for a short time. There are consequences, I did not say it would be easy.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Music Monday * Put on Your Sunday Clothes*

I heard this song from the movie WALL*E and I like the tune. Today I am featuring this song with some clips from Rawhide.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Support Open Carry

Open CarryToday and tomorrow you may notice rallies all over the country. Show your support, open carry is not a crime. This is our right as United States of America Citizen. Nothing is wrong exercising our rights. Those people who react to easy about seeing a pistol can go to hell. Yes, it will go off when you look at it, that is just ridiculous. I grew up with them and I know the consequences if you are not responsible.

Open carry should never be ask or questions. Those who question it, don't have the right to do so. I fully support those who are out there today, and those who will be out there tomorrow. Get out and join us, I support OPEN CARRY 100%.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So Many Flags

The United States of America Military FlagThe United States of America Military Flag, plain and simple with no gold fringe or other ornaments and symbolism attached.

Not the Original USA Military Flag, Corporation FlagThis is not the original United States of America Military Flag. You can see a lot of them being use today. Some say it is a flag of Admiralty/Maritime type jurisdiction and is not suppose to be used on Land. Others say it's not a flag at all but fiction. (Oh, I believe both of these) However, the gold fringe which surrounds the flag gives notice that the American flag has been captured and is now being used by the corporate so-called government to give notice of jurisdiction. (this to me is believable too) The flag shown above appears to be a "USA flag" but has one or more of the following:

1. Gold fringe along its borders (called "a badge")
2. Gold braided cord (tassel) hanging from pole
3. Ball on top of pole (last cannon ball fired)
4. Eagle on top of pole
5. Spear on top of pole

The flag shown above is Not described in Title 4 of USC and therefore is illegal on land except for maybe (1) the President since he is in charge of Naval Forces on high seas, and (2) naval offices and yards.

President Eisenhower settled the debate on the width of the fringe.

The so-called justification for a Naval/Maritime flag to be on land is that all land was under the high water mark at one time even if it was eons ago.

Flags on poles flying at the same height as other flags have equal status. A flag flying higher than the flag below indicates superiority over the flag below. Note that corporate state flags fly below the US flag.

Keep in mind that the states were originally Sovereign over the central government and only the state flags were flown except in the District of Columbia not exceeding 10 miles square, its territories, forts, dockyards, arsenals, and other needful buildings, such as Post Offices, purchased with the consent of the legislature of the affected state. (Constitution, Section 8, Clause 17)

The people in the geographic continental USA are at peace but the corporate government continues to be at war to exist, to increase and perpetuate debt, and to enrich others through Defence contracts. There you go people, keep on sugar coating everything. That will stop from spreading (see the sarcastic there?).

Prior to the 1950's state republic flags were mostly flown, but when a United States of America's flag was flown it was one of the following:
  1. Military flag ***Horizontal stripes, white stars on blue background. Has no fringe, braids (tassel), eagle, ball, spear, very plain just like below.

  2. Military Flag
  3. Civil Flag ***Intended for peace time usage, denoting civil jurisdiction under the Constitution and common law. Has vertical stripes, blue stars on white background. Was known flown before the Civil War.

Civil Flag use in time of PeaceThe one below is a patch can be seen on military's uniform. Like my second example above, this is not described in Title 4. I don't care that is say's "moving forward", you don't just simply change something because that is what they look like when the flag is being use in the parade blowing on the wind. This is not a United States of America's flag. The people who made this knew exactly what it means and they they will tell the truth. I don't recognize the image below and my second the second image above.

Backward patch FlagSo, which flag do you salute?

Some information are taken from USAvs.US

Monday, February 8, 2010

MM *Creedence Clearwater*

I have a hard time looking for this song. I heard it on Wolfenstein that my kids play but I can't quite understand the lyrics. I tried searching for red, white and blue, many pop out but not this one. I almost gave up and type in "red, white and blue old song" and I found it. The title is "Fortunate Son" and the group is in my title.

Below is a Civil flag or Peace flag usage denoting civil jurisdiction under the Constitution and Common Law, has vertical stripes, blue stars on white background--last flown before Civil War. To tell you the truth I like this one better than any version of United States of America flag these days. Please remember US citizen does not citizen of United States of America (the country itself) and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is also different from capital and lower case letters. If you like freedom movement (corporation) you will understand what I am talking about, if not do your research about this country.

I will talk more about the the United States of America's flag in my later post. As for now, enjoy the song. For liberty!

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Realization & Disappointment

Another person who can see what is really going on in our world. You can call him whatever you want the fact is he knows more than me and you. He is a walking information just like the other people in my side bar. I agree when he say that if we are free how come he can't do a show in any radio station that is own by the big corporation? Why are they so scared of putting him on air? I bet you that when people hear him in this big radio station that a lot of people will wake up and say "you know what he makes a lot of sense".

I am very disappointed with a lot of people now a days. They very easy to come up with a question when the so called help from the government is touch on with this argument. Are you free? Do you want to be free? This is what you can do to be free however they are not willing to listen. How can I pay for this when I get sick and don't have any money? That is why we need to get rid of all the taxes in this country. We will be able to keep a lot for ourselves to provide when we are un-able to get a job. There is no easy way out. I wish at least one of my reader will watch the whole interview. Human sacrifice through vaccinations and ready to eat food. They are slowly killing us, the working class of this country. They will make-up things like 911 and swine flu to get more control over you. And to rob you left and right and everyone are fine with it because in their, the government is here to help us survive but in reality the opposite. There so much problem came arise from many children around the world because everything that their government tell them to do the citizens do it.

Think for yourself and always ask why. You don't need to be a member of any congregation to learn about the words of Yahweh/Yeshua, especially to those can not afford to be in it. Rent it from your local library along with a dictionary. Everything will not be hand and chew for you. You need to do the work if you want your freedom. No one in this country is free except for those who recognize their sovereignty, those who does not use driver license, those who do not pay taxes, those who do not recognize other people authority over themselves, those are the true free citizens of this country.

Part 2 of 5
Part 3 of 5
Part 4 of 5
Part 5 of 5

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sunday, January 31, 2010

MM *Elton John feat. Ronan Keating*

The title of this song is "Your Song". They both have amazing voice. I like when he use some rusty voice with the song.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time Flies When You are Having Fun

Not really but I can't come up of better title that will not sound snotty. Let's talk about religion today. Why do you need it? I think everyone is pretty much know how to read these days, I am right? Why do you need someone else to read it for you? Aha, because you are too lazy to understand the word of Yahweh yourself. What else is there? Is it as social network? Will that make you a socialist?

I do not believe that God will put food in my table. I know I have to work for it and with help of some prayers and believing spiritually I can feed my family. Yahweh/Yeshua will not knock on my door to hand me food, but somehow people think that way. I will not join any religion just to be control the so called priest, pastor, or whatever else you call it. I wanted to learn all the writing not just the bible and I apply HIS teaching that made sense in my everyday life.

What I wanted to do? I wanted to read the very first book written about the High Almighty. The one that is supposed to be hidden in Vatican and no one else is allowed to see or touch. Why are they hiding it? I think the real words of Yahweh are there and those so called working for him is somehow not teaching us the truth. Why are we not allowed to study the stars? And why after all these years, Pluto is removed as a planet? What are they hiding from us? And lastly, why are the most religious people are most likely the one not following the teaching? Do they think that since they are doing what the leader of the church is asking that they are free to all sins?

Think about it people.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Look at Their Voting Records

I guess Massachusetts got a new senator. People vote these days just because they belong in certain political party. People don't even look at their voting records since they started robbing, oops I meant serving the public (if that is what you call it).

When did politicians actually serve the public? I have not seen it since I live here. They are giving away every rights that we once have, legislate this and that, and robbing us left and right. The newly elected senator is no better than anyone around. It's a business for them to help the big corporations in this country. There is nothing more to it but another protector for the big corporation that we call America. Voting for the less evil does not constitute they are better. They are still evil, which ever way you look at it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shopping? Check Here First

This is what I do before going out to shop and hop store to store. However, I make sure that I have someone taking care of my children because if I go out with them, I will not get the best bargain. Number is to compare clothing prices and savings online with the help of ShopWiki. Money does not grow on trees these days, and I need to find the most savings if I wanted to clothe my family. I also make sure that I buy some bigger sizes with the same price.

You can find everything you are looking for when you are in the market for anything. Every household item, gifts for especial occasions & recipients, pets, office, automotive, arts and crafts and plenty more. Just visit their directory and click on what you are looking for. That is why I said, you better stop here first before doing any type of shopping and which one is convenient for you.

Did you know that they are also available in Europe? Yes, they are expanding overseas. You can access stores in your country if you are from France, Germany, Netherlands, and Spain. And I almost forget UK and Australia too. All of these countries can enjoy the same savings we get, it may not be the same amount but simply savings. Save big by visiting Shopwiki first before shopping. Please check them often for more countries around the world.

***Brought to us by

Monday, January 18, 2010

No MM Today, Instead...

When was the last time earthquake happened in Haiti? I don't know but this is what I know. Most island is made from the volcano. Do they have volcanoes in Haiti? From what I gather, there is none single volcano there. So, where did the earthquake came from? And it hit the only one part of Haiti that is crowded.

If you ask me, HAARP has something to do with it. And many organizations are cashing in on this disaster. They lost numbers of people supporting their global warming theory, and now they need to get some funding's, one way or another.

I do feel bad for the citizen of Haiti, but I will not give any cash donation to any of this organization. My family can give them shelter and food personally but not cash going into a third party. Prayers will go a long way too. Conspiracy theory?, make up your own mind and stop listening to mass media.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Covered Faces

It is getting more and more that our so called civilian protectors covering their faces when arresting or (so called) while keeping the peace. First of all, they don't work to protect us. They are hired privately to collect money to anyone whom they say are breaking the law. And whose laws are we talking about?

No one protect the civilians' rights anymore. It seems that our world is turned upside down. The so called people that are supposed to protect us while we pay them with our money are here to turn us in because we are labelled to be the terrorist of our own country.

How great is it to live in the country that is run buy people who swore to protect its citizens? Isn't it great to be Americans to vote for these people? The land of rich people who can turn most politician into puppets, just by showing them the greens.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Music Monday *Lani Hall*

I don't want you to go by Lani Hall.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Music Class

My husband and I are still looking for free piano that we can have for our children music class and piano lessons. There are so many out there, but we are not fast enough to grab one. Plus it is very hard to find someone to help my husband moving it from the owners' house to our house. He has to call around for help first, most of the time he can't find someone to help him. And even if someone said yes, by the time he gets back to the giver the piano is gone.

I think with perseverance, we will land one soon. We already have someone that can come to our house to teach our children piano lessons. All we have to do is find a piano. This will be an extra-curricular for them. And yes, the hours will be added to their school. And the man who will teach them had been teaching music and playing instruments for a long time. And the best part is, he does not charge a lot.
Piano Lessons
We can also supplement some materials for this piano lessons online. There is plenty to choose from. My children may not grow up to be popular in this field, who knows, but learning to play a music instrument will remain with them forever. And when they all grown up and done with school, I can teach myself how to play the piano by watching easy to follow piano lessons in my CD ROM.

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Radio Station

I just wanted to share one of the radio stations that I usually listen to, they are mostly my news source. I don't watch TV anymore because I can't stand how mess-up their system is.

You need to download WINAMP in your computer to listen to this radio station. They don't run 24 hours a day but there are plenty of information you can gather from this. The link is LIBERTY TREE RADIO.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Music Monday *Randy Vanwarmer*

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