Monday, December 28, 2009

Music Monday *Auld Lang Syne*

Forgive and forget the people who somehow did something not intentional to self. However, keep fighting the people who runs this country and knew exactly what they are doing but somehow think they are the ruler of this country. Keep fighting for the truth, keep fighting for the correct way and take down all whom interest will benefit their own agenda.

I also wanted to make an update with Mr. Bednarik condition. He is doing fine, he is still a little sedated because he was trying to take the breathing tube out. He is supposed to be going home this coming Wednesday. The speaker for him advice everyone to stop calling the hospital because Mr. Bednarik can't talk that much yet, and it makes him mad that he can't and that will added on his stress. He wanted everyone to know that he is doing fine and every questions will be answered when he made a full recovery. This is his third episodes and the disease runs in his family. Just wait for him to return to radio and I bet he will update everyone what happened to him.

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