Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Met With Other Freedom Supporters

On Saturday DH went out and had a meeting with other Freedom Supporters. A few of them already went through some jail time and told him that whatever we are thinking did not for them. They did not get into any further discussion however, DH was very anxious to find out where they went wrong.

One said that her father went in for two years because refuses to acknowledge the court has authority over him. But again, how they can threw him in jail if he did not tell them who he is? We wish we can get into one on one with them and ask them how the process with. We both believe that if follow the creator's law and we don't have anything to fear and we are always in the right side. If what they are charge is not under the the creator's laws, so they are indeed in fault but we can't say that until we find out the truth behind it.

The speech in Copenhagen stated that he is willing to use force to those who wanted to be free. Who does he think he is "The High Almighty" to do this. He is very hungry for power to control anything, and willing to kill to do so. I will be very angry and I will swear in my grave that I will come after them if there is no hell. Because these people belong there and burn for the rest of eternity. I will swear to hunt their kids and kids children after death and make their lives miserable the way they made ours, everyone who are hungry for power.

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