Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Attempted Bombing In the Plane

You probably read and heard all about the incident on Christmas day, is it? Is there anyone especial in that flight that they are trying to get rid off? Think about it, someone in that flight know a lot of things and the government want that person dead. Anyway here is my view of the situation:

How in hell a foreigner gets to our country without a passport? Until an individual is led by someone who has authority around the airport. So, whoever is this man who speaks about the patriotic act working is smoking tons of crack. By-standard at the airport saw the man being led by a security guard through the airport gates and somehow the security guard did not notice anything suspicious about him. Yes, not unless the guard is the one who attached the bomb on him.

The bomber was in comatose estate while boarding the plane. I bet you he doesn't even know what he is doing because he was almost burn himself up while lighting the bomb. Again, someone sedated him and attached the bomb on him. His family was probably paid a large sum of money for him to agree of doing it. He changed his mind at the last minute and sedated to finish the job.

Did I hit the target above? So, what did AP told you about what happened at the airport? Wake up people, the so called patriotic act is not passed to protect you. It was passed to protect the people who are running this country. Homeland security is working for those who are bringing this country down.

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