Monday, November 23, 2009

University's Computer Hacked

I am talking about the computers that contains information about global warming that everyone was talking about. Now they are saying that who ever is responsible for not telling the public about the truth will be fired and does not deserve their job.

Nice save, yup...I never bought for a second anything about global warming. And guess what, I have heard that the sun is actually cooling down a decade ago. And who ever is/was been reporting about our planet warming up is full of crap.

This is all about taxing us, the working class to fund the new world order. Carbon tax? for what? the billions and trillion that they already own is not enough. They still want to squeeze everything that they can. As long as there are people willing to pay for it, they will sure collect. AMAZING, GREEDY, corporation can't have enough.

It was on Washington Post people or you can easily access it at

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